Senior English (British Literature)

Welcome to the Senior English/British Literature Blog.

This blog represents a crucial aspect of your homework grade in my course. For many of your assignments, you will be asked to blog your response to a reading and as well as respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts. By doing so, you will be playing an integral part in maintaining our classroom atmosphere of openness, thoughtfulness, and critical engagement with the texts.

As we progress throughout the semester, you should feel and see your own growth as a writer and as a literary critic. This does not mean, however, that you will simply criticize texts in your responses. When I say “critique,” I am referring to your thoughtful questioning of the texts. Here are some questions to help guide your responses:

* What were you thinking of as you read the text?
* How did the text make you feel?
* What parts of the text, if any, do you most closely identify with? Which parts of the text create the most problems for you as a reader? Why?
* How does the text connect to your own life?
* How does the text connect to your society, culture, or community?
* What other texts (books, poems, letters, movies, tv shows, etc.) does this text make you think of? In what way(s)?

Of course, there are no right or wrong answers. I only want you to be able to support your responses with thoughtful, critical evidence from the text. To that end, you must complete your own responses by including at least one (1) direct quote from the passage and cite it correctly according to MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. For more information on MLA and their citation guidelines, please visit their website:

Happy Blogging!!!

Mrs. S

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