(Spring 2011)Week #1: Ethereal Experience

(Spring 2011)Week #1: Ethereal Experience

Welcome back, Servant Scholars!

This week’s discussion will involve establishing personal connections with Gaines’ A Lesson Before Dying and Sebold’s The Lovely Bones.

To that end, there are several questions I’d like you to consider.  Your original post must include answers to at least two of them.

A Lesson Before Dying

  1. All the characters in A Lesson Before Dying are motivated by a single word: “hog.” Jefferson’s attorney has compared him to a hog; Miss Emma wants Grant to prove that her godson is not a hog; and Jefferson at first eats the food she has sent him on his knees, because “that’s how a old hog eat.” How are words used both to humiliate and to redeem the characters in this novel?
  2. For all the book’s religious symbolism, the central character is a man without faith. Grant’s refusal to attend church has deeply hurt his aunt and antagonized Reverend Ambrose, whose religion Grant at first dismisses as a sham. Yet at the book’s climax he admits that Ambrose “is braver than I,” and he has his pupils pray in the hours before Jefferson’s death. What kind of faith does Grant acquire in the course of this book? Why does the Reverend emerge as the stronger of the two men?
  3. Grant believes that black men in Louisiana have only three choices: to die violently, to be “brought down to the level of beasts,” or “to run and run.” How does the way in which Gaines articulates these grim choices–and suggests an alternative to them–make A Lesson Before Dying applicable not only to Louisiana in 1948 but to the United States in 2011?
  4. From the manslaughter that begins this novel to the judicial murder at its close, death is a constant presence in A Lesson Before Dying. We are repeatedly reminded of all the untimely, violent deaths that have preceded Jefferson’s and, in all likelihood, will follow it. Why then is Jefferson’s death so disturbing to this book’s black characters, and even to some of its white ones? What does Jefferson’s death accomplish that his life could not?

The Lovely Bones

  1. In Susie’s Heaven, she is surrounded by things that bring her peace. What would your Heaven be like? Is it surprising that in Susie’s inward, personal version of the hereafter there is no God or larger being that presides?
  2. “Pushing on the inbetween” is how Susie describes her efforts to connect with those she has left behind on Earth. Have you ever felt as though someone was trying to communicate with you from “the inbetween”?
  3. Is Jack Salmon allowing himself to be swallowed up by his grief? Is there a point where he should have let go? How does his grief process affect his family? Is there something admirable about holding on so tightly to Susie’s memory and not denying his profound sadness?

That’s it for now.  Your original post is due by 10:00pm on Friday, January 21st. Your response to at least two of your classmates’ posts is due by10:00pm on Sunday, January 23rd.

As always, I am here should you need me.

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89 thoughts on “(Spring 2011)Week #1: Ethereal Experience

  1. Lovely Bones

    1. My heaven would be filled with books. I would have an unlimited supply and would be able to read as much as I want. I would also have my favorite items surrounding me such as my anime scroll posters. But my heaven wouldn’t look like any other heaven. I would be animated and so would my surroundings. I would be like a super hero. Whenever I thought of something to make me happier it would appear and I would be content. It would also have certain similarities as Susie’s. For example when she had “model time” and posed for pictures showing her love of photography. I love my type of style and would love to pose in all the items I love.
    2. At times I do have weird occurences where I feel as though I experienced something unknown. Maybe it was a connection with the in-between but I do not completely know. For example I thought I saw something at the corner of my eye one day. I t looked to be a shadowy figure and five minutes later my mom called me in the room. She told me she saw the same thing and thought it was me passing by the room. When I told her it wad not me and explained what I experienced we just stood there, pausing in thought. W

  2. Continuation (Sorry accidently hit submit): We left it alone after that but at times I still think: “What was that? Was I truly just seeing things?”
    Aneisha: I like your heaven. I feel a connection with your movie theater association because I remember everytime we would go to the movies. I love those moments and I believe to be able to look back on those times or screen would make a perfect exapmle of a heaven and happiness.
    Thao: I can picture your heaven and I love the part where you have a lot of animals because I love animals too. I wonder if I could add that in mine with your permission? ^^

  3. A Lesson Before Dying
    1. Basically the word “hog” and how it is used it in a sentence in the novel humiliates characters when it is expressed as a factual description to those who belong of the black culture as if they were on the same level as beasts and didn’t deserve the same treatment as you would give a white man or woman. Words are used to redeem these characters in the same way as it takes the negative effect and make it positive by making it a guide in which characters like Jefferson can have the ability to set themselves apart from association of “hog” by understanding that he is not a hog, but in fact is better than one and always will be even after his death as he understands and becomes a man.

    Lovely Bones
    1. Although it would seem that Susie’s heaven would be considered childish, but I believe it was due to her age and the time period that she was in. It was still tranquil. I want my heaven to have be a place of utter peace, surrounding me would be my family and friend when they have finally reached the last stage of life. I don’t know why, but as I wait for them I would be in some type of movie theater, but the seats would be located in a empty field of grass and the screen would hang mysteriously from the sky playing the precious memories of my life as one by one my family and friends fill the seats. Just enjoying the aftermath of what we had become. Nothing, but memories.

    3. Jack Salmon allowed himself to be swallowed up by grief and sorrow for the loss of his first born daughter. While he is allowed this moment of weakness since he is only human, he should have understood there was point in time where he had to let go whether he wanted to or not for the face that he had to for his family. His grief affects his family in series of different way since they all have different reaction to his grief such as when his wife had to leave as she couldn’t watch as he fell further into his grief.

    @ Jared Gordon: You are right when you said a person’s ideal heaven differs from person to person because we are all individual. So what appeals to you as heaven, might be something that would turn me off.

    @ Warren “JR’ Smith: The things that were used to hurt us previously only push us to do better in the future, in the end it’s beneficial to us.

  4. The Lovely Bones
    1.In my heaven i would meet my dad since i have no memory of him my heaven would include oceans and the start which are the two main natural things that would calm me down. In my heaven all of the daydreams i have will come to life.
    2.I dont think Jack was allowing his grief to take over him espically since there was no closure on what happened to hs daughter. I feel he let go at the right point in the movie when there was closoure in what happened to his daughter.Him holdin on to his daughter helped his daughter be able to accept the fact that she was dead.

  5. I feel that Jack Salmon was smart for trying to figure out what happened to his daughter. I know i would act the same way. Your child justy died and i’m pretty sure you would want to know who did it and how so that they can be punished. I’m glad he did not let go until he knew what happened to his daughter.

  6. @Andrez: Your response is like the blunt version of how I mostly feel. I agree.

    @Marina: I agree that Jake Salmon let his grief get in the way of his family. We all have to move on a some point.

  7. The Lovely Bones.
    1My perfect heaven would be filled with video games, sports games on TV every day, lots and lots of food, all my friends and family would be there too.
    2. Sometimes I would be doing something and for some strange reason I think about my grandmother, And like I don’t think it’s like her talking to me and telling me to do the right things it just feels like I wouldn’t want to disappoint her if she was still here.
    @thaoduong: I would definitely want my whole family to be there.
    @Jade Greene: dancer heaven.

  8. The Lovely Bones

    1. In my heaven, there would be no sadness, everyone would be happy. I believe that the key to happiness, is being able to do what you want to a certain extent, therefore, my heaven would consist of everyone following their dreams. Nothing would be impossible.

    2. I have actually thought someone was trying to communicate with me from the “inbetween”. I remember being at my uncles house, it’s a mansion, so it was already scary looking. I was in the bedroom in the basement area and I felt a weird presence in front of me. I didn’t stay too long because I got scared and left, but I think if I would have stayed, something would’ve happened.

    @Aneisha Jacobs: I like the idea of your heaven, with the whole peace vibe, everyone sometimes needs a break from stressful situations, particularly, high school students.

    @Chris Herron: That makes me wonder if my aunt was trying to communicate with me O_O.

  9. 1.) I always assumed the heaven would be how it is described in the bible, and honestly, that seemed pretty boring to me. LOL. But now that I have the chance to think about it, my heaven would be just like me. I do believe that God would be there, but not in his natural form. I would take the shape of the people around me. He would be there as a friend because I would not want to be in heaven alone. There would be mountains and lakes, and lots of activities. LOL. I would know of no sadness or conflict. it would be PERFECT.
    3.) I dont think that he was allowing himself to be swallowed up by grief. I think that he was accepting the grief and allowing it to be his motivation. Jack realized his emotions, and I dont think that he should have let go. I think he was right for pushing through with all that he was doing. When your heart has been filled with so much of one emotion, it is almost impossible to let go. He did what any of us would have done. It did affect his family though, but not all in a negative way. I think that they admired his passion, but couldnt handle it because of the tragedy that had taken place. I personally admire the fact that he didnt deny his sadness because it is hard for me to face my emotions sometimes. I absolutely LOVE the way his character was written!!

  10. The Lovely Bones
    1.) When I think of heaven, I automatically think of pearly gates and golden streets. But when I really really think of heaven, the pearly gates and golden streets seem to disappear because that’s not my idea of eternal happiness. My heaven would be alot like living on Earth minus sin. I imagine being able to go into stores and shop like I do here on Earth. I imagine being able to more than what the bible says. Like Rhea said above me, in my heaven, God would not be in His natural form. He’d be like everyone else around, except He’d have His same qualities.

    2.) I never once felt that Jack Salmon was allowing himself to be swallowed up by grief. I believe he was actually more accepting of his daughter’s death than the mother. He knew something and wouldn’t just let it go. It could almost be described as the mother’s natural instinct, but this time it’s the father. He knew his daughter hadn’t just died and he was willing to do what had to be done to know what really happened. I don’t think he could ever let go completely, but him finding the truth would have made it easier to deal with. I don’t feel his grieving affected the family like the mother’s choice to leave had.

    @Rhea I agree with you 100%. It made it difficult to write my comment because you actually took the words out of my mouth.

  11. 1. my ideal heaven whould not be so different from todays life, other then the no consequences part. People would live their lives without a doubt of being hungry, without shelter, or violence. Things would be calm. It wouldnt be all of what i wanted either, i think heven should be just another earth just without worries.

    2. The toublesome part of having otherworldy experiences is that when trying to explain them you sound insane, or people try and some it up to being just your mind playing tricks on you. There are alot of moments that we think that our loved ones are trying to communicate with us and we let our minds go and try to grasp that feeling of when you spend time with that person. when truely we just miss them and wish that they were here

  12. 1.My ideal heaven would be peaceful, exciting, and adventurous. I would have ice cream mountains, shopping mall, designer shoes, mansions and alot of cars. Everyday, i would think back on my life.
    3. No, i don’t think so because i think he allowd himself the grieving process. His wife couldn’t handle it because it was so much pressure on her.
    I belive if he left it alone, h3e would’ve been in more depression.


    1. My heaven would be whatever you’re sense of happiness and perfection is. For instance, you wouldn’t have to be all holy and sanctified once you got there, if shooting dice made you happy then you could do that. There, however, wouldn’t be pain for anyone, no famine, no turmoil, etc. If that is what makes you happy, you could see the thoughts, but it wouldn’t be inflicted on anyone else.

    No, It isn’t surprising that Susie’s inward, personal version of the hereafter there is no God or larger being that presides because she was a teenager when she was murdered. Children and teenagers never want to have a authority figure over them, regulating them, it’s all a struggle for freedom and adulthood at that point.

    3. Jack Salmon most definitely was allowing himself to be swallowed up by his grief. It seemed that his daughter’s death took top priority over everything including the family’s ability to cope afterwards. Rather or not he was wrong for his “obsession” and should have let go, I’m uncertain. It was something he was passionate about and he found results. His grief process was hard on the mother mostly, to the point where she had to leave, everyone else seemed alright. Regardless, him holding on so tightly to Susie’s memory and not denying his profound sadness was admirable. He had an unconditional love for his daughter and he couldn’t allow her to be taken and the person to have no consequences.

    @Rhea: I liked your idea of how God would be interpreted, it was very new and I hadn’t thought of it

    @Tyneshia: I agree, Jack Salmon was honorable and I would probably have done the same as well.

  14. As I said before, some has changed since 1948 considering black males. The only changed since then is black are not hung and not easily killed as they were back then. Hatred to the “black man” is more discreet than it was back then. The way the system is set up is to keep black people as a whole in poverty…even though we have some black millionaires and what not…some of them had better luck than others or just had a better drive. Grant had a point when he said black man have three choices. But not all he said is still applicable to today’s society. We have moved up ….but the movement is not over.

    Lovely Bones- My heaven would be no tiredness…bright all the time..never thirsty nor hungry…jus a perfect life…no worries …and you as a person could grasp anything you wanted to if you just thought about it. I believe there is a God, even though in her version there is no God. That was her version of her perfect heaven.

    @Jared You are right when you said that everybody’s heaven is not going to be the same but also everybody has about the same idea of heaven though. Just some differences here and there.
    @Aniesha I like your thoughts about heaven…because they are simliar to mines!

  15. My heaven would be full of poles, and pits.
    Some books, because I enjoy reading. I would have a huge circus, cirque du soliel ALL DAY. I would have a muscial performance every single day. My loves are pole vaulting, listening to music, and watching interesting things. My heaven wouldnt look like anyone elses.
    No i dont think it was suprising that her heaven didnt have a god like figure, she was so young, she wasnt old enough to find her own religion, and she didnt live in a house where religion was enforced.

    Yes, I do. Sometimes through some incidents, I can feel my mother there. But I believe its just something in my mind, making me think their are incidnets when there really arent any, mind play? I don’t believe people who are deceased can talk to you in any kind of way.

    @RJ, only an athlete wouldnt wont tiredness. LOL it should would help out A LOT 🙂

    @Fred, thats so trueee. youre weird or insane.

    3. From what I have seen of our government not only lately but throughout history, is that things seem to be getting worse. It’s like our nation is down grading through our government and economy. It’s not only the government, but companies and businesses also seem to be looking out only for their own well-being and financial security. The government is supposed to be looking out for the people’s well-being, but lately I find that hard to believe. Attitudes like that are what make me question the honesty of our government. . A Lesson Before Dying applies to the United States in 2011 because just like Grant thought of the black man in Louisiana in 1948, citizens of the United States have three options when it comes to our economy: unemployment, foreclosure, or file for bankruptcy. Its history repeating itself.
    2. There was a time when I was a little younger when I felt as if someone was trying to communicate with me from the ‘in between’. It was weird because it happened when I was sleeping. This was a short while after my grandfather passed away. I was dreaming, I don’t remember what it was I was dreaming about but I do remember that my dream changed. When I was a little girl, we used to live right next door to my grandparents in the house they lived in before they moved. In the dream I was walking around the old house, but when I got to the kitchen, I saw my grandfather standing up in the middle of the kitchen. He didn’t look sick or anything, he looked younger. Then when he turned around and smiled at me my dream ended and I woke up.
    3. I do think that Jack Salmon got swallowed up by his grief. But actually in a way, it is admirable the way he wouldn’t give up. Because most men, when they grieve they throw themselves into a specific task. And that’s what he did trying to find Susie’s killer. But it didn’t really compensate the grief, it only made it worse. It makes him look like a masochist because it seems like he’s just reminding himself of the pain. But actually, the closer he gets to her killer; he knows Susie can rest in peace.
    @linnette jones you have an awesome heaven.
    @RheaMaria Heard I like your view on Jack Salmon.

  17. Lovely Bones
    1: My heaven would be one of all the arts. (singing , music, books,art, etc) , I would be amoungst God and I would see my dad again I havent seen that guy in a while. Its not really suprising Susies heaven didnt have a higher being , I believe it is because she is young , I dont think alot of people are connected to that side of them into they get a bit older.
    2: I have experienced people connecting with me from the in between I guess, with my father…….. I dont think he left until he knew I was strong enough to make it without him. *woah!! personnal*

    @Jared- I agree , everyones heaven will not be the same
    @ roxie- I agree that she was too young to have found her own religion.

  18. 1. Jefferson’s death was uncalled for and people knew that. He was innocent and people knew that. His death was so disturbing to the blacks and whites because they knew he didnt deserve it. Jefferson death accomplished a lot, it taught people to be strong within themselves.
    2. To me Heaven has pearly gates, streets of gold, mansions, and filled with angels. Well thats what we are taught as Christians. We are taught that its no pain, no sorrow, no tears, and only the righeous make it up there. I truly believe this and I know I will enjoy it.

  19. @chris and @mariah
    a few days after my aunt passed the lights in my house started to flicker..they never have done that before and we believed that was her trying to tell us something…so yeah i know what you mean

  20. A Lesson Before Dying

    #1 I believe that the word hog is there to humiliate him just because he is a black man. They know he isn’t actually a hog, but this is a word they are using to bring him down. And the word hog could also be used to bring him up because it would make him wanna be better than what their calling him. He would also use the word to prove the people in the courtroom wrong.

    The Lovely Bones
    My heaven would be the way I picture it every time I hear someone say the word. More like rainbows and it would have the feeling as if we were in the sky. i always picture it being this peaceful place with no worries. And no Im not surprised Suzie didn’t see god because she hadn’t got over what happened to her on earth.
    Kia Street
    I agree with Kia Street because everybody knew his death was uncalled for, but they learned to accept it because they didn’t really have a choice back in that time frame.
    Ryan Johnson
    I agree with you because not much has changed since then.

  21. My heaven would be a place where every will meet the creater and see every person you lost dear to you. I was very surprised not to see a higher being.
    Somtimes I feel my grandparents are still supporting me and calling me wen I’m about to make the wrong decisions. When I cry I feel they are there to hold me and say everything is ok.
    Jack was allowing himself to be swallowed in grief for he couldn’t let Susie go. It took a huge toll on his family for they tried the children knew she wasn’t jus killed. The mother had to leave to let go.

    I liked how Ayanna said her heaven would be and I could picture myself there.

    Susan Hacklers expression of the inbetween was one way I could relate wen I was younger.

  22. I Know this kind of late sorry I haven’t had internet lately but i hope you’ll accept it.

    Lovely Bones

    1. My heaven would be filled with lots of horror novels and horror movies. I can’t help my obessesion it brings me complete peace well besides my bf. Susies heaven probably only had what she pictured to be her perfect heaven like in the movie everyone has their own personalized heaven. She probably did or didn’t believe in a higher power or probably didn’t think of it at the time, but she was in the in between so there might not be a higher power there.

    2. I’ve had a very bad experience when i watched my stepfather die in southern regional and I’ve been having weird occurances since then like seeing shadows when there’s no one there and seeing lights as well. I think he tries to contact us to tell us he’s in a better place and he’s still looking over us.

  23. The word hog.Where to start with this word?By calling someone a hog is a sign of disrepect.For people who havent done anything wrong and have been living right their whole life does not deserve to be called a hog.That term hurts and you cant just let it rest within you,you have to clear it.Thats why i feel ms emma was so determined to change that.

    My Heaven would be very similar to what is stated in the Bible.Of course I want God there.I also would like it to just be nonstop fun.I want to know who i knew in my past life and still have a connection with them.I want it to be full of love and want the ones in heaven to help those on earth.

    @Ayanna-i agree with you.I forgot to put in my heaven all of the arts.I love that!

    @Tyneisha-i agree with you about Jack trying to find out what happened to his father.A real one would do that.

  24. 1. My Heaven would be a beautiful place enchanted with my most inner desires. There would be no possibilities of getting hurt or feeling any sort of pain. I would be surrounded with good hearted people that made it into God’s kingdom. It would be lovely and just as captivating as it sounds in the Bible.Since its personally for me I would be able to act in shows everyday and just eat all the snacks I want! In Susie’s Heaven I don’t believe that God was not there I just believe that since she was not ready to cross over completely she was not able to see him as yet.
    2. I’ve never felt as though someone was trying to communicate with me from “the inbetween” but I have had a cousin die and then like a few weeks later I saw a guy at our school who looks just like him…kinda weird.

    Roxie: I think your Heaven sounds pretty cool.
    Ryan Johnson: I agreee with you about Heaven would just be a perfect life with no worries.

  25. Question Number 3: (Lovely Bones) I think because Jack wouldn’t let go of his daughters death pushed him even further into to finding who really murdered his daughter. Even though it got him no where in the beginning and it did drive their family apart and made everyone a tad-bit crazy. When it comes to if someone should let go of their love ones or not I’m kind-of bias towards the situation, well to me it’s like when is it time to let and hold do you know to move on with your life.. Then again it’s like you can’t always hold on to something that’s not there anymore!
    Question Number 1(Lovely Bones) I’m really not sure what would be in my heaven; as I’m trying to answer this question my mind is going blank and not being as creative as it usually is. So for now I’m guessing my heaven would be a blank endless world of no color.
    Brittany W: Why do you feel your heaven would be as such?
    Ayanna T: hmm now that I think about I think our heavens are things we enjoy doing or things that bring us peace!

  26. @Kamiyah Franks (Kemo)
    I didn’t really think about it, but it makes perfect sense why God wasn’t present in Susie’s heaven. She was a teenager, and what teenager really wants an authority figure over them.
    I LOVE that you would have the circus in your heaven!!! i could see you riding a unicycle with a red nose! hahaha

  27. 1. In my heaven it would be like a good dream that i never woke up from. I could be anywhere at anytime doing what ever i pleased or imagined. My shape and size could reform into anything in my imagination, only it would be heaven.
    No it didnt suprise me that Susie didnt have a higher being in her Heaven because she didnt believe in anything.

    2. I never felt anyone from the in between trying to communicate swith me.

    3. 3.Is Jack Salmon to me is grieving the way he is because he still feels his daughters presence.
    Yes, everyone should have a point in their grieving process where they let go of their lost one to be able to move on with their life, but not forgetting who they lost.
    The grieving process for his family was hard. The mother had to leave and regroup from the lost of her daughter.
    I admire the fact that he never forgot his daughter ! Holding her memories meant holding her in his heart forever ! and in reality all we have is memories !

  28. @ Tayla’ -gotta love you girl lol !! you answer to your heaven was very unique ! seriously ! lol but its weird b/c my heaven is totally opposite ! but i think somehow we would eventually meet up !

    @brittany – i love that your heaven has no pain….but i wonder without pain can we appreciate happiness or joy ? or will it even matter ? idk just a thought.

  29. Lovely Bones

    1. My heaven would be like my perfect place. Nothing but love and harmony in every aspect of it. Everybody would get along and no tears would be shed over anything or anyone. Everyone would be equal and I would be surrounded by cheesecake and hot wings :). It is very weird that no God presided in Susie’s heaven but it’s kind of ironic. People think that once you get to heaven then you’ll see God but he didn’t exist in her heaven. He’s a higher power that maybe nobody is meant to see.

    2.I feel like I’ve had instances where somebody tried to communicate with me from the “in-between.” I’ve been in two car accidents and both times I feel like God was trying to tell me something. I started to become so stressed. My friend passed away and I saw her in my dreams and she was telling me to stop crying and not give up. I feel they the “in-between” communicate with me through my dreams.

  30. @Tayla’: I so agree that you can’t hold onto something that isn’t there anymore. It kind of sucks that it can’t be there though.

    @Brittany: I bet it was kind of hard seeing somebody that looked just like your cousin at school after he passed. I’m sorry to hear that.

  31. The Lovely Bones
    1. In my heaven I would have an unlimited supply of basketball courts and balls, as well as a book here or there and nothing but peace .
    2. When i was younger i used to feel that my dead great uncle would try to communicate with me in my dreams. One dream i heard him say my name like only he did and he began giving me advice about a situation i was in. I think that communications “in between” are a mental and they come from your conscience.

  32. The Lovely Bones.

    If ever I could choose a heaven, it would be a world filled with music. A place where any and every instrument could be played by any one without even a lift of a finger. Every musical measure would play exactly what I’m feeling at the moment.
    I’ve never felt an “after spirit” before. I might one day, but as of today, nothing.
    I don’t think that Jack Salmon is allowing himself to be swallowed up in grief. Although many people have said that he should have let go when his wife did, many people deal with loss in their own way. I don’t know whether it’s an admirable thing or an ignorant thing.

    (Yeeaah.. This is SO late.. :/)

    @Linnette – Your “in between” sounds awesome!
    @Aneisha – I liked how you explained why hog to you doesn’t really mean a “hog” in itself.

  33. 1. My heaven would be filled with things that bring me comfort and joy. Memories of my life, Pictures and trinket that remind me of my family, Food, Clothes and Shoes. My heaven would also be a place of Worship to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think it is very wierd that Suzie’s Heaven didn’t have a higher being, because i always that Heaven was the place that you meet and worship your god.
    3. I don’t think Jack Salmon is being swallowed in his grief, and No he should not have let go. In his obsession in finding his daughter’s killer he was getting closure in my opinion. I think it is very admirable that he held on to Suzie’s memories and confessed his sadness, because he knew he had an issue and he knew finding his daughter’s killer would help him kind of move on and get over his grief.
    Brittany Williams: your idea of heaven is very beautiful.
    Tayla: I agree with your question 3 answer.

  34. The Lovely Bones
    1. I think my heaven would be quiet and peaceful. It would also have strange things that you don’t really see everyday? Like what? I have no clue. It would be that weird. I’d also probably have video games, a wide, wide, library of them. Maybe, just maybe, my Heaven would be made up of Legos. There would have to be a million of them there. I have always believed it would be amazing to have background music, much like movies and tv shoes, so that would also be something I would like to see there. To answer the second part of the question, it wasn’t really surprising to find out that there wasn’t a God or larger being in her world. Although that might be something an element that everyone would expect, it’s perfectly fine because that would make the individual person their own God so to speak.

    3. Yes, Jack Salmon did allow his grief to become his life. I really couldn’t explain a point where he should have let go because we all have different ways in which we deal with grief that comes out of the sudden loss of someone dear. Sure, he should have moved on, but how could he when everything around him reminded him of Susie? As a result, all of his grief eventually drives away his wife and tears the family apart. Personally, I think him holding on the Susie’s memory is very respectable and admirable. I think it’s his love for his daughter, the everlasting love, that makes it quite a feat; trying to fit a lifetime’s worth of love in Susie’s short lived life.

    Note to Mrs. Silveri: I’m sorry I didn’t do the blogs on time. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t count this towards my grade.

  35. @ Fred: Totally agree with what you said; when you say stuff like that, most people would just look at you crazy and ignore what you’re saying.

    @Aneisha: I second that. Him allowing himself to get engulfed in his grief showed that he was just human, and that we are as likely to go through the same thing at one point or another in our life.

  36. 1. In a Lesson Before Dying, Grant believes that the only choices for black people is to to die violently, to be “brought down to the level of beasts,” or “to run and run.” That is still presedent in 2011. It seems as though no matter how hard we try to move past the negative stereotypes of black people, there is always something or someone bringing us down to make us think we are nothing more than dirt. Even after hundreds of years after slavery, we still choose to be slaves.
    2. Yes, I have felt that someone was trying to communicate with me from the inbetween. When I was younger my friend lived in a haunted house. And I can remember going in the basement to play with a little girl who we later found out had died in a house fire before they moved in.

  37. In a Lesson Before Dying, Jefferson was accused of killing a white man which is a crime he did not committ, but during that time his crime wasnt really killing anyone, it was simply being black. During his trial his defense attorney tried to persuade the jury that Jefferson’s life was not equal to the man who was murdered by simply calling him a “hog”. This term affected Jefferson more than his death sentence. It humiliated him as a man and as a human being. As the story progresses Jefferson and his family began to prove to the court and the jury that he is not a hog and will not die like one, instead he died like a man and proved that just because your life here on earth is over doesnt mean your legacy and story cant live on.

  38. Lovely Bones
    1. My heaven would be peaceful but not queit. There would loud music playin with a buckets full of all kinds of candy. I would speak different languages because i have always wanted to be bi-lingual. Clothing stores would be open 24-hours a day and I would finally get to own a monkey!!!!! There would be school cause i need something to do but no work. To me this heaven is perfect.

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