(Fall 2013) Week 4: Beowulf

Greetings, My AP Lit Babies.  

This week’s discussion pertains to our study of epic heroes and our reading of Beowulf.  As always, this week’s blog presents an opportunity for you to extend your learning far beyond our classroom discussion.


Here are your tasks:

  1. Visit the following website and gleam as much as you can from it about the hero archetype in literature, religion, and pop culture.  They’ve actually been nice enough to provide their citation for you in MLA format, so this week I thoroughly expect to see citations in your posts. The Hero Archetype in Literature, Religion, and Popular Culture
  2. Revisit our reading of Beowulf, but also visit this website to guide your understanding of the text–Beowulf for Beginners.
  3. Watch one of the following epic films and compare its plot, setting, theme(s), symbol(s), and characters to those in Beowulf.  Be sure to take thorough notes as you watch…
  • Gladiator (Russell Crowe, 2000)
  • Star Wars 
  • Robin Hood (Russell Crowe, 2010)
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Braveheart
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
  • I Am Legend (2004)
  • Spartacus
  • Kingdom of Heaven (Orlando Bloom, 2005)
  • Mad Max Trilogy
  • Troy (2004)
  • Malcolm X (Denzel Washington, 1992)
  • Glory
  • What’s Love Got to Do With It? (Angela Bassett, 1993)
  • Elektra (Jennifer Garner, 2004)
  • Million Dollar Baby (Hillary Swank, 2004)
  • Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Man on Fire (Denzel Washington, 2004)
  • X-Men 3:  The Last Stand
  • Wolverine
  • John Q.
  • The Book of Eli 
  • Men of Honor (Cuba Gooding, Jr., 2000)
  • Hero (Jet Li, 2002)
  • Valkyrie (2008)
  • The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Now you’re ready to write.  Here are some thoughts to guide you:

  • Does Beowulf fit the model of an epic hero? Why or why not?
  • How is Beowulf similar or dissimilar from modern heroes? Be sure to consider heroes from literature, religion, and pop culture to assist you. Specifically, consider the hero represented in the modern epic film you viewed.
  • As a literary text, how effective is Beowulf in imitating the style of an epic poem?  For this question, be sure to discuss certain aspects of the poem that assist your interpretation (literary devices, characterization, etc.)

That’s it!  Since your post requires additional research outside of the usual (i.e., film analysis), you’ll have one additional day to post.  Thus, your original response post is due by 10:00pm, Friday, September 6th . Your response to at least two of your classmates’ posts is due by 10:00pm, Sunday, September 8th .

As always, I am here to assist if you need me.  Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to along the way.

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  1. The two works I will be using are Star Wars and Beowulf
    The hero has been a common archetype in various movies, novels, religions, and other works. People often look to the hero for inspiration and entertainment. Often, in today’s society, people look for the hero. They hope that their hero will triumph over evil and give them another great story and tale to tell. The hero archetype has several common attributes: A unique birth, separation from loved ones, a tragic event leading them to their destiny, their distinct weapon or skill, supernatural help, a test of their will, a long journey and distinct wound, closure with one’s father, and a spiritual reward after death. Both Beowulf and Star Wars have leading characters that fit the hero archetype. Beowulf is the son of Edgetheow and nephew of Hygelac, lord of the geats. Being related to Hygelac, Beowulf was considered royalty. In Star Wars, Luke’s circumstances are hinted at in the beginning of his story: he lives with his aunt and uncle. [Davis Hero 1] Both characters are eventually separated from their loved ones as a tragic event leads them to their destiny. In Beowulf’s case, he must live his family and kinsmen as many of his people are mercilessly murdered by Grendel, the story’s protagonist. Luke is separated from his parents at birth and is taken from his aunt and uncle, who were murdered while he was away from his home. After their separation each character gathers their skills and weapons, and receives supernatural help. For Beowulf, his weapons are his sword and shield, and his supernatural help is the strength he receives. Luke’s supernatural help comes from Ben, who guides him from the spirit world, and “the force” within him. [Davis Hero 5] The heroes must also prove themselves. Beowulf does so by boasting of his strengths and experience, he also defeats the first monster Grendel. However, his boasting is in some way considered more of a foolish act than one of bravery. Luke proves himself in the battle with Darth Vader, his training with Yoda, and the ways in which he helps the rebellion. [Davis Hero 6] The characters also go through a journey which ultimately leads to an incurable wound. Beowulf’s Journey involves his various battles and time as ruler of the Danes and Geats, his wound comes from his final battle with the dragon. Luke’s journey involves his time from discovering his abilities to his final battle with his father, his wound is the loss of his right arm when he battles his father. [Davis Hero 7] The characters also reached atonement with their fathers. Beowulf’s atonement with his father appears when Higlac treats him as a son. Luke’s father is rescued from his evil and Luke chooses to follow a righteous path. [Davis Hero 8] Each character is also rewarded spiritually. Beowulf is cremated, buried, and honored by his people. Luke will join the spirit real like Obi-wan, Yoda, and Anakin did after they died.
    There are 9 key characteristics of an Epic Poem:
    1. It opens in the midst of the story (medas res)
    1. Beowulf does begin in the midst of a story
    2. The setting is vast and it covers many nations, the world and the universe.
    1. The story covers only a few nations, primarily those of the Geats and Danes
    3. It usually begins with an invocation to Muse.
    1. There was a song that introduces the story
    4. It starts with a statement of the theme.
    1. The opening paragraphs (within the invocation to muse) give the story’s theme
    5. The use of Epithets (or an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned)
    1. There are often phrases describing Beowulf’s strength, and the darkness within each monster he battles
    6. It includes long lists.
    1. The story does include a list of Beowulf’s deeds
    7. It features long and formal speeches.
    1. There were long speeches, however, most of them were descriptive of Beowulf’s actions.
    8. It shows divine intervention on human affairs.
    1. Beowulf is never fully known to receive his strength from any of the gods that his people worshiped
    9. The Heroes embody the values of civilization.
    1. Beowulf characterizes protection and order. Wiglaf represents peace and honor

  2. 1.) Based on the characteristics of an epic hero, Beowulf is shown throughout the poem that he is the embodiment of an epic hero. He is shown to excel in skill, strength, and courage as he is battling Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and the dragon. He boasts to himself about his past accomplishments in war and adventure, along with showing him striving for honor and glory. He battles demons and monsters, as mentioned before. He is generous to his people, shown through his interactions with the other Geats and the Danes, but ruthless towards his enemies, shown through how he battles with the monsters. He is also a man of action, who is intrigued by the challenge that Grendel posed at the beginning of the epic. He takes risks. Also shown in the movie, but not in the poem, was how he fell to temptation to Grendel’s mom. Also, in the end, he achieved his goal, although he perished in the end.

  3. Yes Beowulf fits the description of an epic hero.For those who don’t know an epic hero is someone or something that is a brave or noble character.Beowulf is an epic hero to me because when other’s were afraid to stand up and face the monster’s he took initiative.Beowulf is very similar and also dissimilar to some of the modern day hero’s.Hero;s such as Achilles were his bravery was within his persona , and in the Award Winning movie the ”Passion of Christ.
    Beowulf in my opinion is not so much as a epic poem but a urban myth.With this conclusion in Beowulfs’ myth he battles gory monster’s and swim across sea’s.

  4. Tanesha Goolsby
    September 13, 2013
    Pd: 4

    Beowolf questions

    Beowolf is far from a model heri. Unlike hiw most hero’s are kind, gentle, and openinly caring, Beowolf is rough, boastful, and hurtfuly honest. Beowulf is real and does not portray the idea of perfection, but more of a real life example of a hero.

    Beowolf in my opinion is very similar to modern heros in the sense that he does not pretend to be something he is not. His character is most like wolverine. Both he and wolverine understands that there is a darkness and secrers hidden inside both of them and that the realization of that evil is present at all times. Even though rhe rhought that at any given point this evil, these secrets that they hold inside could ultimately consume them, they push twards the fact that it is the small sliver of good. It’s the acceptance of rheir flaws and the things that make them unconventional that truly makes them Epic Heros.

    As we start to read the story, Beowolf, it begins by telling us of a horrid beast named Gendel. It is this beast that reaks havoc on a dinning hall. Through the horribly vivid details, we read of men being killed and slaughtered. After this event the story than leads us into the introducrion of beowolf, a strong, powerful man who has concord many beast and defeated many evils. This description alone let’s me know that he is mostly the hero, therfore giving the village somw peace. Later throufh many many pages we find out that Beowolf defeated Gendel. Also, the king was truly Grendel’s father and that the true monster was Grwndel’s mother, a Dragon. Though he “defeated” her he also realized that it came at a price. The lesson of greed and selfishness being the outcome. this format of triumph over evil (heros concrest and winning) is rhe tell-tail form of an Epic Poem.

    • You did a real good job and you gave some good points in the first response. But you do have to spell check miss lady. Other than that, good job!

  5. 1. Beowulf fit the model of an epic hero. The Hero must prove himself many times while on adventure (Davis), Beowulf prove himself by killing Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the dragon. Hero has a special weapon only he can wield (Davis), Hrothgar gave Beowulf a special sword that he later uses to slay the dragon. Beowulf has unnatural power; he can slay the monsters that no one can take. And in the end, he was rewarded with his wish.
    2. Beowulf is somewhat similar with modern heroes. Beowulf fights for the right things and help his people which is similar to John Q. John Q don’t have supernatural power, and Beowulf is very powerful. The modern heroes like John Q fight with their brain, while Beowulf fights with his arms and swords. John Q doesn’t take adventure through places to prove himself, he prove himself with information media. Most of modern hero’s stories don’t involve in religions or mythologies, and Beowulf has a very heavy religions-base and mythologies with dragons and demons.
    3. The story about Beowulf more enjoyable by imitating the style of an epic poem. The story itself is trying to teach people about good and evil; and by adding the battle between a good hero and evil demons, the story make its audience believe good will always win evil. With the appearance of Beowulf, the story make audiences believe in the hope that someone will come and help them go through hard situations.
    Davis, Bryan M. “The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture.” 11 Oct 1997. Stephen F. Austin University.”http://www.tatsbox.com/hero”

  6. 1) Beowulf dose fit the role of an epic hero. He lives up to the definition of an epic hero he has the passion and drives to continue his journey through the rough times. He displays tremendous amounts of courage, strength, agility, and strategy which all heroes must have.

    2) Beowulf and the movie troy are very similar because they both capture what a true warrior is all about. They both were killing for one reason and one reason only and that was for fame and glory. They were coming from a far away land to a new land but the difference was that Beowulf came only to kill monsters and claim fame rather than Achilles. His main goal was to obtain a new land.

    3) Beowulf was very effective in achieving the style of an epic poem through the enemies that he has encountered. When he fought Grendel naked without any armor or weapon. This show the strength that all heroes would show in a epic poem. When his thanes was slain by Grendel’s it showed the compactions that he have for his men and the drive to defeat evil and ride the land of all terror.

    • I also believe that Beowulf is an epic hero. He does in fact fit the characteristics. I disagree with you when you say that Beowulf’s sole purpose was to earn fame. I believe that he went to save the Danes from the terror they were facing. Fame was his motivation, but he also felt for the Hrothgar and his people.

  7. Beowulf clearly fits the common characteristics of a archetypal. From how he came from royalty and his father’s death to the unbearable never to be healed wound. This reminds me of I Am Legend so much because of the circumstances. Like how Robert Neville lost his wife and daughter right before his eyes only to strengthens his resolve to find a cure. He was immune to the virus so that was kind of like his special weapon only he could yield. Robert lived life only to die a death in the place of those he cared about.

    Davis, Bryan M. “The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture.”
    11 Oct 1997. Stephen F. Austin University. (Day Mon Year accessed go here)..
    Davis, Bryan M. (1997). The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture Retrieved (Month day, Year accessed go here), Web site: http://www.tatsbox.com/hero

  8. •I do believe Beowulf is an epic hero simply because he had the courage and bravery to fight Grendel,Grendals mother,and the dragon to protect king Hrothgars herot. Beowulf was also very strong and wise as it is obvious,he defeated Grendal, but the things he was described an epic hero.Even though he didn’t die in battle like a typical epic hero would he died defending The Geats.

    •How is Beowulf similar or dissimilar from modern heroes?
    Well first of all modern heroes now don’t have to fight against horrific monsters,like Beowulf did.Like for example in the movie man on fire he is hired to be a bodyguard for a young girl,because of the kidnapping going around the wealthier families,when the little gets kidnapped his enemy is not a monster but a human being.beowulf defends himself and the people he’s protecting with his own abilities,he’s strong, wise and was very skilled also as Creasy the main character from man on fire. Both of them basically sacrifice they’re lives to those who need them.Creasy uses his skills and a gun to defend himself.Both of these heroes are depended on by many close people.

    •The story of Beowulf and Beowulf himself describes a very effective way to show an epic poem.It’s a long narrative poem that includes a hero that everyone worships,it has the background as to being epic because usually there’s a tragic event and then suddenly a strong character appears and is recognized to have many values and these typically also happen with a monster or an enemy as well.


  9. Beowulf fits the description of an epic hero.he justifies his answers in his works.When he is summoned he takes great innitiative to get the job done.He is similar to the character Achilles from Troy who is always on the frontline.With Beowulf emitating an epic poem is not as much consistant.Its more of an myth.In Beowulf he fights off monsters.

  10. Beuwolf demonstrates an epic hero because he was strong and unafraid yet sensitive towards his people. He showed great bravery yet had a weakness like all epic heros. When he was persuaded by Grendals overprotective mother he showed his human like naiveness, yet he still shows strength in above human ways.in the end he dies after a long 50 years of rule which is a tragedy how all great epic heros die.

  11. Beuwolf is fairly similar to the epic hero Batman of the dark night rises. Both these heros believe in almighty powers to help them to overcome these great challenges they face. These heros volunteer their strength of a brave fiend to save innocent people just to make peace, which makes them epic. Batman has weaknesses as well as Beuwolf, which was his sensitivity towards his family.

  12. 2.) When looking at it from a general standpoint, there is not much difference between Beowulf and modern day heroes. When looking at Beowulf and modern heroes, plots usually have the universal theme of good vs evil. Characters in modern hero stories, like Beowulf, often have a set of values they go by, and as a result of this, drastically affects the decisions of the characters, which in turn, changes the plot.
    When watching the Dark Knight Rises, I saw many similarities between the main character, Bruce Wayne, and Beowulf. Both have the need to protect their people from an imminent threat. Going by Beowulf the movies, both Beowulf and Wayne experience a set of hardships they had to overcome that troubled them for years. Both descended into “the darkness (Wayne metaphorically, while Beowulf physically). Finally, both, despite the overwhelming odds, were able to come out on top in the end in their respective stories. With the many similar characteristics between modern day heroes and Beowulf, one could say that the many aspects and ideas that make up an epic hero described in epic poems is the model of what a hero is today. This means that the values of what people think a hero is has not changed throughout the ages. This is supported by the fact that Beowulf is one of English’s old literature. Despite this, the values that were important back then are still seen as important now, and that the epic survives to this day.

  13. 1.) Beowulf most definitely fits the archetype of an epic hero because of his almost invincibility and his desire to fight for the “good” side and to purge the “evil” from his world. Epic heroes generally have the tools in which to defeat their enemies and Beowulf has been shown to have more than enough strength, dexterity, agility, and ability to defeat all of his opponents that mere mortals could not have been able to vanquish. He also seems to have a knack for backing his “talk” up when he needs to. He would not say anything that he wouldn’t be able to show for.
    2.) Beowulf, in my opinion, is unlike heroes of our age. For example, Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars” is a hero because he fought against the Galactic Empire in a fight of good vs. evil. Luke has been portrayed more as a tangible human being, with flaws such as his desire to always “jump the gun” like his father, his complex curiosity in such a vast universe, and his own self-esteem that sometimes gets the better of him. Luke basically had to prove that he was able to control the power that was inside of him: the Force. Beowulf, on the other hand, already had this fearsome strength and power and didn’t need outside intervention to fully grasp his own prowess. It was because of this that made Beowulf (the story), more of a fictional tale than even the Sci-Fi modern epic Star Wars.
    3.) Beowulf played out in a very unique way. The story itself was not a epic poem, but was written and transposed as such. It led to a lot of dialogue chipped away and basically made it into a more abridged version of the tale. It felt like you were looking towards the inside of bubble. This was evident through the use of similes and metaphors to describe Beowulf and his comrades yet was not used strictly in dialogue. The speech is very much Anglo-Saxon as it contained many Kennings and many descriptive synonyms that was used a lot. Beowulf also featured a blank verse style where there was no rhymes in traditional form. There was no set rhyme scheme but the story was written with syllables and “beats” in mind. Each line contained a certain number of beats, almost musically, that reverberated throughout the whole epic.

    Source: Davis, Bryan M. “The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture.” 11 Oct 1997. Stephen F. Austin University. (13, September 2013)..

    • Hey Louis. Although I would have to say you make some good points, I would have to disagree and say that Beowulf does in fact have many similar characteristics to our own modern day heroes. Look at Superman for example. For one, the cliche of good vs evil is there. When there the innocent is in trouble and is terrorized by an evil force, who comes to their rescue? Superman. Much like how Beowulf comes to the rescue of the Danes from Grendel.That is only some of the similarities between Beowulf and our own modern heroes. Also, I would have to say that “Beowulf” is an epic poem because, if you look up the characteristics if epic poems, you would see that Beowulf fits the bill.

  14. 3.) As a literary text, Beowulf does a good job imitating the style of an epic poem. Like many other epic poems, the poem is written in a way that recounts the deeds of a great hero, which was to be sung in a muse. In this case, the hero was Beowulf. Beowulf himself is a hero with legendary significance, representing the values of what the Danes and Geats thought what a hero is. In the poem, there were many impressive feats that the hero accomplished with great courage, all of which dealt with slaying a monster. The poem also had some supernatural aspects that intervened with what happened in the story. Lastly, at the end of the poem, the poet had the hero have a journey to the underworld.

    • I do feel as though the poem did a great job of telling the action packed story of Beowulf, that kept you interested without even literally seeing the action from the movie.

  15. 1. To be an epic hero you must stand out, do things no one else was willing to do. so with that being said yes I do feel as Beowulf does fit the role of an epic hero because he takes leadership, power, and is loyal, as well as respected among his followers.
    2. Beowulf is very much like modern heroes because he also had determination and motivation to get something accomplished. Just like Batman in the Dark Knight Rise he also fought for his people.

  16. 1. I see Beowulf as one of the primary epic heroes ever made, in many movies, books, stories we see this main character who fights and is venerated by the people because of their strength and courage. Beowulf is that hero that epic hero who not only takes action with his potential fighting but fights between good and evil. What gives Beowulf this epic tittle is the courage, the ability to convince individuals to fight, the knowledge and wise gives him the strength to act in any situation regardless of how difficult it looks.
    2. I compared Beowulf to Robert Neville (will smith) from I am Legend and the Reason why i compared him to that him its because they both relate in various similar epic heroes scens, they both are fighting in a good vs. evil battle, they both have a special thing that makes them unique like perhaps the fact that Beowulf has been the only man to fight great monsters and in the case of the I am Legend film Robert has been the only man to survive by himself with no help other than his knowledge and strength. I believe that the characteristics of this two epic heroes makes them who they are, their abilities, knowledge to know what to do in order to stay alive, this kind of things relate them even if the eras are way different.
    3. How effective is Beowulf in imitating the style of an epic poem? Well for this question i looked at how in an epic novel the hero acquires his name and it show that a hero must prove himself by actions in order to assume his position. In the case of Beowulf we clearly see that he is the only man who has killed numerous amounts of monsters that no other man could killed. His strength and ability once again are characteristics that help him prove himself and name himself a hero. He proved it to the others in the first battle with Grendel.
    Resource: http://tatsbox.com/hero/hero_6.htm
    Davis, Bryan M. “The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture.” 11 Oct 1997. Stephen F. Austin University. (Day Mon Year accessed go here)..
    Davis, Bryan M. (1997). The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture Retrieved (Month day, Year accessed go here), Web site: http://www.tatsbox.com/hero

    • Hey Remerto. That is an interesting way of comparing Beowulf to Robert Neville. I would not have seen any ways that the two characters are relatable. I would also have to agree that Beowulf is a big epic hero, as the story has survived for centuries. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, English epics. I would also agree that “Beowulf” imitates the style of epic poems very well.

  17. I feel as though Beowulf does indeed encompass the characteristics that belong to an “epic hero”. Beowulf was among humans no doubt, however, much wiser, stronger, and braver. This is the basis of what an epic hero is. Not a being with flashy “superpowers” per say, but someone who is still categorized among humans, but displays an extraordinary amount of talent and prowess.

    I think Beowulf differs greatly from our “modern heroes”. The setting of the two heroes differ greatly, from one being a time where “monsters” of the sea and land were believed to exist, and the other from a time where there heroism comes from simply taking an initiative to change the world using everyday human qualities. Beowulf used his unique strengths and attributes to prove he was a hero. However, someone like Martin Luther King, simply used his brain and determination, for tactics that would eventually create a more peaceful land.

    Beowulf as a literary text, portrayed itself well as an epic poem because it made sure to engrave he literary devices within the compelling story of the fights Beowulf had.

  18. 1.I think Beowulf fits the model of an epic hero. I feel like he does because Beowulf has those supernatural abilities. Dont you think he was unnaturally stong?The underwater fighting scene with Grendel’s mother is an example. It’s unnatural to hold your breath that long. He also fits an epic hero because he was very important to his people,fights good against evil,and he boasts about what he will do and always pushes himself to do it.He showed bravery in battles numerous amount of times, put all his faith in god, and most of the time he would fight monsters by himself.One of Beowulf’s greatest achievements was when he battles Grendel. His mother and the dragon demonstrated bravery and courage. He also lacks greed when he doesnt just keep the dragon’s treasure for himself but he shared it with his people. An epic hero also protects their culture. Beowulf shows that he protects his culture because he defended his culture ’till the death.
    2. Beowulf and the movie I Am Legend are somewhat similar too me because they both fit the roles of a hero. They both have a duty to help the people. In “I Am Legend” , He is trying to protect the remaining people from zombies and is trying to find a cure for everyones that catches the virus. Its the same how Beowulf came in and fougt Grendel/Enemies to protect the people. They both was very brave,courageous, and had alot of self-sacrifice. They basically dedicated their lives for everyone. I think Beowulf is different from the heroe’s today in our society. Literature today is afraid of heroes such as this, they are pretty much out of fashion. Some of the attributes back than were honor, bravery, and loyalty.Now, we tend to judge heroes by how much they interest us, and by what the media says. Although they were both heroe’s ,Beowulf was supernatural unlike Will Smith in “I Am Legend.”
    3.Beowulf is most definitely imitating the story of a great hero. I say this because he can do supernatural things.He killed various monsters/enemies all by himself unlike all the other humans. He earned this from all of the things he has done ,his skills,and bravery. His people honored him greatly for all the things he had done for his people.

  19. 1. Based on the characteristics of an epic hero, Beowulf performs as such. He defeats Grendel, Grendel’s mother & the dragon excelling with his awesome fighting skills, strength, courage, & determination. He is generous to his people, shown through his interactions with the other Geats and the Danes, but ruthless towards his enemies, shown through how he battles with the monsters. Beowulf is & shows a true example of what a hero should be.
    2. Beowulf resembles modern heroes in certain ways, but not all. For example in the movie “I Am Legend” Will Smith was considered the modern hero. He performed in drastic matters same as Beowulf. They both had to defeat something/ find a cure. Beowulf fought fantasy horrific monsters, while Will fought diseased mutated humans. They both share the same characteristics of a Heroic Hero. At the end they both managed to complete their purpose.
    3. Beowulf exceeded in achieving the style of an epic literary poem. Different scenes performed in the text portray life in the epic world, such as Grendel’s appearance and characteristics & the steps Beowulf took to defeat him. Like many other epic poems, the poem is written in a way that recounts the deeds of a great hero, which was to be sung in a muse. In this case, the hero was Beowulf. The journey of the story was supernaturally in the underworld, which imitates epic literature.

    p.s. I put my sincere apologies for turning this assignment in, in this inappropriate time frame.  I had computer mishaps.

  20. 1. Beowulf can be conceive as an epic hero because of the hero archetype of having an unusual beginning reflected from him being born to a banish warrior who was sent to Geats. Some other traits that put him in the position of an epic hero is the many journeys he goes on displaying his superior strength compared to other human warriors. He also exemplifies the culture of the people which were the Anglo-Saxons with a noble personality and brave.
    a. “The Hero Archetype in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture: A Graduate Project.” ::: tat’s box :::. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. .

    2. In the movie “I am Legend” the character who closes resembles the character of Beowulf is Dr. Neville who like Beowulf sets off to rescue the people he cared for. However in “I am Legend” he does not set off on an actual quest but on a quest to find the cure for the civilization. While in Beowulf the setting took place in different parts of Denmark from one city to the next, Neville’s quest laid within the confines of New York City. in Beowulf a main theme is loyalty which was represented as an old time family debt he owed to repay seeing that at one point the old king Hrothgar had sheltered his father, however more so in I am legend the theme dealt more so with hope as a world where humanity was in the brink of extinction, Neville carries to the end his task in finding the cure to the infection which he in trust to found allies Ann and her son.
    a. “Beowulf for Beginners – contents.” The University of Aberdeen. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. .
    b. ” Major Symbols in Beowulf.” CliffsNotes | Literature Study Guides | Test Prep. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. .

    3. Beowulf is shown to achieve an effective style of an epic poem because he conquered all his fears after everyone thought he was a lazy nobody he proved everyone wrong. Then he goes in the rescue the newest king, Heorot, from the monster named Grendel. He basically shows right from wrong. Good from evil. He becomes a very worshipped person which makes him a very strong character.
    a. “Beowulf for Beginners – marching to Heorot.” The University of Aberdeen. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. .

  21. I believe that Beowulf is an epic hero because he had the courage and bravery to fight the monster and its mother , and the dragon to protect king Hrothgars herot. Beowulf was a strong and wise . He defeated Grendal. They described him as a epic hero. He didnt die in a ,battle like a typical epic hero would.

    – How is Beowulf similar or dissimilar from modern heroes?
    In the movie “Man on fire” , he is hired to be a bodyguard for a young girl because of the kidnapping going around the wealthier families. Unlike Beowulf, modern heroes have to fight against . Creasy did not have to defeat a monster, but a human. Beowulf and Creasy used their advanced skills and strengths to protect people. They sacrificed their lives for the people who needed them.

    The story of Beowulf describes a effective way to show an epic poem. It includes a hero that everyone looks up to. It has the background as to being epic because there is usually a tragic event that takes place , and suddenly a strong character appears.

  22. Autumn Beshears
    Period 7

    1.) Beowulf is a perfect example of an epic hero. He left is family and he is sent on a quest to kill two “evil” monsters. That is a typical epic hero where he defeats the evil for good. He demonstrates bravery, strength, courage, and power.
    2.) I believe that Beowulf is similar yet, dissimilar. It is similar because, modern heroes are rescuing someone and doing something that will benefit the people. I think it is dissimilar because, the situations are different from Beowulf. The modern epic hero I watched would be Will Smith in “I am Legend”. They are similar because, in some way they saved the people. They are different though because of the situations they were in and also Will Smith didn’t really take a journey.
    3.) Beowulf is very effectively, imitating an epic poem. The only difference is the format. Metaphors are being used, direct and indirect characterization is being used, and symbolism that is typical used in poems.

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