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Week 15 (Fall 2011): Beloved, Part II

Greetings, My AP Babies!

Before you begin this week’s task, it is important for you to recognize that writing was uncommon (and often punishable by law) among slaves and freed African Americans during the antebellum and Reconstruction periods.

What if one of the characters in Beloved kept a diary that detailed their thoughts and insights on the events happening around them?  Of course, this diary would reveal much about this person’s inner feelings, motives, and reactions.  You should be finished reading the novel at this point, so this week’s task will allow you to assume the persona of a character and to demonstrate your expert understanding of his or her actions and motives.

Here is your task for this week:

1.  Select one character that intrigues you.

2.  Create a personal diary or journal for that character, which should depict the major events happening in the story – both “seen” and “spectral” in the play itself. You are writing as if you are that character, from their viewpoint and perspective, in the first person narrative form.

You will be required to write a minimum of 3 entries, using at least 3 of the various modes of writing:

  1.  A descriptive entry, using strong visual and sensory images to create a lasting impression on your reader.  Anything can be vividly described – a room, a place, an object, a person, or an event which was significant to your character.
  2. A narrative entry, detailing a short story of a significant event including setting, characters, time sequence, brief plot, and dialogue.
  3. persuasive entry – this entry will reflect your character’s wishes for something (an action or person), and how they might write to obtain their wish. For example, what might Beloved write to Sethe to convince her that she should be punished for murder? What might Baby Suggs (or any number of people) say to Denver, to convince her to let go of the baby ghost?
  4. reflective entry – describing in detail what a significant event has meant to your character personally, how it has changed him or her personally, what important lesson did he or she learn from it, how will they apply it later in life?

Be sure to incorporate direct quotes from text as you provide rationale for your perspective and your diary entry…

That’s all for this week.  Your original post is due Wednesday, November 30th at 10:00pm.  Your response to at least two of your classmates’ posts is due by Sunday, December 4th at 10:00pm.

As always, I am here should you need me.  :)

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. S



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  • Kyle C. xD

    1). My name is Paul D…I am An when i look back over my life I think about the time when i first walked up on 124 again..seeing sethe again did my heart well..Baby Denver, well she all grown up now. When I walked into that house i could see the evil and it made my heart morn. when i sat at that table It felt like a hag had jumped on my back and before i knew it I was wrestling with with a monster that my eyes couldn’t see. I busted up a table tryna to fight her off me off and when it was over..I was puzzled and why sethe is still living here ?

    3). I tries to talk to Denver, Let her know that she has to let go of that want of the baby ghost. It just aint right for no girl to be morning over a dead baby like that. If she would only listen I would only wannna tell her that we may not get along so well but i do with out a doubt Love her very much, and i wanna see her happy with out that want of the ghost being around.

    4). Being on that chain gaing with stamp aid back in georgia done made me a better man. I done see things…I done did some things that i aint proud of..But they tought me how to appreciate my life, my freedom. Being nothin more than just a nigga who aint worth nothin to nobody made me realize that life is precious, even with all the saddness and sorrow.

    • TaShena Walker

      Kyle, I like the way you used the dialouge. It helps you see the character better and his perspective. I also like the last line of your last paragraph. It seemed so relevant to everyone’s lives in general. No matter how bad things may seem sometimes, life is still a precious thing to have, and we should still appreciate it no matter how bad things may be.

      • Laura Augustave

        @Kyle, I totally agree with Tashena, not only you did a dialouge, but you used in a humorous manner. Nice job. KEEP IT UP!

    • Selene Gutierrez

      @Kyle C. xD Your language and vocabulary usage went well with the character that you chose. I didn’t do that with mines lol. I like the way you kept in mind the actual personality of Paul D and maintained it throughout your entire response

    • Ja'van Williams

      I agree with all of the recent responders of how wonderful your vocabulary usage and language you used, so that it recreates the emotions and actions of Paul D. Your first one gave a perfect image of how Paul D felt when he saw 124, met Sethe and Denver, and also the baby ghost. When I read your passage, I felt as though I was still reading Beloved, but in a more realistic and detailed version. I also love your other passages, because it seems as though your passages are in choronological order. Amazing work, Kyle!

    • Cierra "Chanel" Green

      @Kyle OMG from reading your response and then referencing back to the book you sound just like Paul D. I really like they way you illustrated himthrough your journal. It was very creative how you used the vocabulary that they used back then to express him.

  • Ja'van Williams

    1) Dear Memories,

    As the night shined on us with hope and unrealistic faith, we were destined to know a change in our path. I and Sixo were trying to escape the grasp of slavery and the chains of the white men. If we escape with the others, freedom will be on the other side hugging us with possibilities of living a better life full of a loving and happy family, an orderly structured house, and no haunting spirits, but our spirits filling every room with grace and harmony. I could smell and feel the hot embrace of Sethe’s breath and arms wrapped around me, the children’s laughter, and the others clapping and chattering of our great escape, but as I snapped out of my imagination and in minutes of exiting Sweet Home, Sixo and I were captured. The tall sadistic faces of the white men with their horrid smell of African-American blood and bad egos, I knew that I would not be the same. I stayed humbled and allowed to accept my defeat, but Sixo would not stay silent with his protesting mouth and stubborn tongue. Sixo sung and laughed the phrase “Seven O, Seven O” and then he convinced those white men that he was useless, not usable, unattainable, and then he was gone…but what was I? They looked at me and judged me as if they were God and holding my fate, but they chose on my skills… saying I was worthy to serve them. My body, mind, and soul showed worth and I felt better about myself because of a lighter color from my skin. As the night continues to fades, I begin to wonder if I could put my self-worth to my use, instead of their use.

    3) Dear Sethe,

    I told you to leave that girl alone. I knew from the start that she was no good. A young girl with fresh skin as if she shed like a snake, an expensive black dress that showed death at every angle, and a voice that sounded like a demon from hell. You look at me and see innocence, struggles, and strived to make a difference, but then you wave me off and focus on her… that thing… you call human. Beloved. Why Beloved? Why does it seem you can trust her and care for her at every turn and whine she makes? Leave her be. Kick her out. I am telling you now Sethe… if you do not let her go… she will haunt you… mistreat you… or maybe end up killing you. I told you last night that Beloved picked up the chair with her two unwrinkled hands, but you ignore me and look at Denver. Denver is a sweet girl, but she is protecting Beloved and letting you drown in her lies. Now look at you…you’re on a death bed that you put yourself on from the pain and the constant rambling of your dead child. I left you, came back, and took you for your innocent murder, your loneliness, shame, guilt, and consistent love, but now you must take me in, so I can nurse you back to health. Let Beloved go, and let yourself be loved without her.

    4) Dear Memories,

    I sit in the darkness of my physical form knowing that Sethe took her child in her hands and slit her throat. Was I wrong about her? Is she murdering my life as well as Denver’s life? Why would she do such a cruel and mad thing? I told her that she has four feet not two, but it seems she may be an animal inside. I told myself “that is not her… that is not her mouth”, but this picture Stamp Paid showed me… this proof… made my eyes widen inside myself. I look at her lips and see the dryness in them that outline worry and hard times, but I didn’t see confusion and evil… not in them lips… till now. Stamp Paid came back and try to change my perspective of Sethe, but I was in fear… in fear of Sethe. I thought she might kill me or she had this possible evil that could end my life. Stamp Paid irritates me because he tells me of her evil crime, but try to make it into some deed of survival or something. I chose to throw my anger away and decide to listen and then all of a sudden, I thought of my own sick secrets, especially of the one that degrades my manhood of giving pleasure to a white man because I was too afraid to die, to stand up and have courage, and to grab freedom’s hand. What if I told her that? Would she look at me the same? I would not know, but I will go back because I need her more than she needs me. I notice her trying to fight off a past that keeps coming to her present as well as I am fighting my own nightmares, but I will be by her side and vanquish this old demon from her mind. She is not lost… she just needs a guide… she needs me.

    • Selene Gutierrez

      @Ja’van Williams I think you did a great interpretation of Paul D’s thoughts and feelings=). The letter to Sethe was very believable. You picked two very interesting moments of Paul’s life in the story.

      • Ja'van Williams

        thank you :3

      • Laura Augustave

        @Ja’van, you really inspire me with this blog. I love the way you put things together. Each and everytime I see your name post up for blogs, I get hooked, just waiting to read your words of inspiration! :)

    • Kyle Copeland

      @Ja’van..your wtiring takes me to a place were usually only the best songs do. Excellent job xD

    • DaShon Green :)

      @Javan very beautiful depictions. I enjoyed your use of imagery and detail was amazing. Well written.

  • TaShena Walker

    1.) I can’t belive this. I done been run out my own place a living by some young crazy girl. A grown man bein’ ran around like some rag doll is daggon shame. I shake my head in disbelief at the fact that I am the one that ends up leavin’. That young girl come in and just drive everybody crazy, and the sad part about it is that Sethe don’t even object to it. It’s almost she feel like she owe it to the young girl to drive her insane. Mercy me, how can she just let that crazy girl come between us? I felt that we had somethin’, and the moment I even mention that coon to her, a forest begins to rise between us. That girl been tryin’ to run me out eva since she came in the house, and I twist my face’n disgust jus thinkin’ bout the fact that she did it. Outta all this, the part that gets me the most is that Sethe won’t say nothin’ ’bout it. I ain’t gone go against her wishes. If she won’t do somethin’ ’bout that crazy coon’s doins, and just let her tear the house up, then I ain’t gone go against her wishes.

    3. I look at all that has happened, and I just hope that maybe one day Sethe will finally see. She just can’t let that girl rage and run rampant because of what happened. It’s almost like she allows haself to be punished. Just let the girl do whateva at ha expense. Well I for one feel that she don’t have to let that girl do that to her. It still don’t give no right to that girl to treat her that way, but if she ain’t gone do nothin’ ’bout it, then why should I? I’ll admit though, I worry ’bout Sethe. The fear that it’ll be too late and that crazy girl may end up killin’ ha is steady in the back of my mind. But what am I to do? I just hope that soon enough she’ll see.

    4. As I rememory of Alfred, Georgia, I can’t help but go back to the days of bein’ on the chain gang. Bein’ in those helped me appreciate bein’ the man that I’ve come to be. A free man. No more shackles. Free to live my life. My life. Taught me the great difference between bein’ a male and bein’ a MAN. Gainin’ my freedom despite all odds, has turned me into a man. Not like how they told us back in Sweet Home, but to be able to make my own desicions and have a voice of my own. Everything I do has a meanin’, and can’t nobody tell me that it don’t. I have crossed ova from malehood, to MANhood.

    • Ja'van Williams

      Thank you, Tashena. I love your work! The way you wrote the perspectives of Paul D as well as incorporating the language is phenomenal. It felt as though they came right out of Paul D’s mind! I also loved the way you describe the differences for MALEHOOD to MANHOOD. I thought that was very true because there are many males in the world, but many of them today do not know how to be a MAN and also a GOOD ONE! Awesome work, Tashena!

  • TaShena Walker

    Ja’Van, your entry seems very poetic. It also seems semantic,or like there’s a greater meaning, something deeper within it.

  • Aspen "Musical Mayhem" Evans

    1.(Paul D) Those days on the chain gang were the most demeaning to my soul. The way the metal clanked against me and scratched my skin, knowing that I couldn’t scratch it back. The connection of my chains to the chains that bound the other men to me. We were all one movement- or a series of movements. We had to be to. Those chains. The clanking. The rustling. The rusty metal. Those chains will never be a sign of freedom. I have to get rid of them.
    2. (Paul D) I just found about Sethe and the old newspaper clipping. I can’t read the words but I see the picture and it might look like her but that’s not her mouth. I hear what Stamp Paid is telling me but I keep trying to tell him that that is not her mouth so it can’t be her. What happened to that child? Was that the ghost that I kicked out of the house? Is that the girl in the house that is slowly trying to move me? I want to say something to Sethe but I don’t know what.
    4. (Paul D) That girl is moving me. I can feel it. Sleeping in different rooms in the house and then commencing to sleeping outside. How can this be? Have I sunk so low that a young girl can dictate how and when I move around in this house? Where is my sense of manhood? Why am I letting myself be controlled? The day I realized what she was doing to me was the day I decided I had to do something about it. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I’m gonna do something about it. Makes no sense for me to not be going to bed with my lady and waking up next to her.
    1. (Paul D) That day that we all ran. I knew it would be a difficult one. I knew that I would never see her again. She was pregnant and would probably never make it. The rows and rows of high yellow, ripening corn could only hide so much. The intensity of this moment, of this plan, of this glimpse at freedom was all I needed to go through with the plan. The darkness of the night sky was the only protection I had for my skin. I hope we all make it.

    • Imana Holden

      I loved you journal entries! I truly believed that you captured the essence of Paul D. What I enjoyed reading the most was the first paragraph, or the descriptive entry. Your careful choice of words added another dimension to Paul D’s story. It almost felt like I was reading an additional chapter, or a part two, to the book. Claps to you! :)

    • Alexandria Thomas-Smith

      I always enjoy reading your responses because I think your a great writer. Everything you write I can picture especially in this entry. It kind of felt like I was reading the book by another author. Good job, keep up the good writing.

  • Saidah Wade

    1. My sister only wants to play. I know it. I can feel it. She can’t talk so she can only show her rage destructively. I miss my brothers in the bedroom with me. I miss my sister too. I hope she misses me. I run downstairs to check on my ma’am to see if she been hurt. And Paul D…well..I forgot he was here. They seem to be alright. The biscuits are burnt! No! I run over to see if I will be able to save any of them. All I here is Paul D yelling at my sister to go away. But I know something they dont, she got a plan. This isn’t over. My sister been here everytime I needed her. We played in the garden, the snow, the pond, anywhere I wanted. She’s coming back. She has to.

    3. Beloved is my sister and she is mine. I love her. She’s the reason to my existence. I can’t let my mother find out Beloved’s her daughter. Then she won’t be my sister. I figured out how to keep her mind off of Sethe. Stories. I have to tell her stories and dance with her. I love her and she is mine. I have to keep her from loving Sethe too much. It’s becoming too strong. Although, I dont fear too much for Beloved, as I do Sethe. Beloved is mine and she is here to stay.

    4. I saw Beloved choke our mother then kiss her on her neck. Im scared. Now I really fear for Sethe. She feels she owes Beloved the world and all Beloved want is for Sethe to feel how hurt she was when she took it away from her. What if she tries to kill us again? I need Beloved on my side. I missed the old times when it was just Beloved and I. Now theres no such thing as I. My ma’am lost everything because of Beloved. She has no idea that I’m trying to save her. Beloved is becoming to desperate. Its a sad day now. We have to let her go.

    • Love'Moira

      I really enjoyed reading your enteries from Denver. This seems like a diary she would actually write. I could feel the emotions coming from the last entry when her mother has gotten chocked from Beloved.

  • Queen Taylor L. Brooks


    “I jus wanna get out outta this hot black place wit no room fo me to reach fo huh and I wonder how I’m pose to get to dat bridge dat long lonely crooked bridge where da lady helps me cross ova and be with huh but its so hot small and black here us always searchin fo away us always wonderin whys we here us always wantin wut we lef up dere I watch me burn as I wandur abuv and watch wuts lef bun ova gan huh put me here and huh gone no huh put me here soon I get to dat bridge”

    “I culd hardly breth the inhale so difrent and the cool so good It wus sharp like huh did my throt after comin up I culd memory how to breth and I just walk like I rememory crawl the cloths I brot frum dere black and hevy to and dey slowed me down sum I rememory the seide of da house and I walk til I sees it and I did den I to slow to move again dats when I sees her”

    wens you gone know? yous all I needs I cum bac to see you and no otha I cum bac so I can love you and you tell me why you lef me you lef me all lone in da small hot black but I cum bac for you yous all I need no otha mathuh and all othas can leave but yous gotta know you lef me! and I still luvs you and you gone know..cuz you lef me”


    • Imana Holden

      Your dialogue and usage of words describe Beloved perfectly. Its scary how this sounds like it was taken from the book. I can see that you read and understand the character fully because it doesn’t sound or look rushed. You also helped me have a better understanding of the character. Thanks and very well written!!!

  • Kourtney NIles

    1.Dear diary,
    Today I went back to Baby Suggs place of worship and even though momma was with me the last time, I feel her presence around me even more when i’m all alone. From the trees swaying in the breeze to the leaves blowin on the ground. She is everywhere. I close my eyes to take it in and when i open them she is smilin at me. she nods and i nod back. That is when i kno that everything will be alright.

    2.Lately i have been having this reoccuring dream that is weighing heavy on my heart, it’s Baby Suggs and she’s saying the samething over and over again. ” let her go” she says
    ” Who Baby Suggs? who am I letting go?” I say
    ” Baby Ghost, aint nothin like holding on to the past. It can kill ya” she says back.
    I wake up in sweats and realize what i have to do.
    ” You got your wish Baby Suggs, Baby Ghost is gone now and me and momma can live peacefully”.

    4. When that lady covered in flies entered the doorway of our home I knew she was baby ghost and apart of me was happy. For years baby Gost had been my only friend because no one wanted to visit the girl whos house was haunted. When momma met Paul D and we went to the fair. People were finally seeing me for the first time. Part of me wanted to be free, but the other half wanted to stay where I belong, wit Baby ghost. One day i realized that i had to leave baby ghost behind in order to find myself, to be free. When Baby ghost left us I wasn’t sad nor i alone because i knew from that moment not only was i free but she was also free.

    • Cierra "Chanel" Green

      @Kourtney I like how you keep Denver so soft and loving. She was very spiritual when it came to knowing when some elses presence was there. I love how she sounds poetic the most. A very beautiful diary entry.

    • Love'Moira

      I love how you incorporated dialogue in the entries. It really made this diary even more interesting. It’s like I can actually hear the character talking.

  • Anita "Broadwaystar" Bennett

    Sethe Journal Entries

    2.) I have been walking for too long now and I can feel the flesh of my feet beginning to tear. I was so weak and frail I couldn’t go on anymore down the road with my unborn baby so I collapsed in the woods hoping that God would send someone to my rescue. I was found by a white girl named, Amy Denver, in which I named my child after. She had completed a childhood of indentured servitude and was heading to Boston to get velvet.When she asked me of my name I told her it was Lu. I didn’t want to take the risk of giving her my real identity and be sent back to Sweet Home. She led me to a abandon lean-to and massaged my tortured feet back to life. With the help of Amy I birth my baby on a straddled canoe. Denver loves to hear me tell this story.

    4. Now that I figured out who Beloved is it has changed my world. To know that I had a second chance to nurture and give all of my affection to her is a blessing. She may be hurt by what I did to her, but she knows it was what I need to do in order for her to endure a peaceful life. My love for her grows everyday and I learn that as we become closer we are one. I love her truly and is grateful for her presence.

    1. The Clearing was a place I sought comfort and peace. Its serenity and calm atmosphere helps me to get my mind together and relax. The people would participate in a mixture of crying, laughter, and dancing. Baby Suggs would preach to the black community of Cincinnati at the Clearing. She instruct to love our hand to be bound, our mouth to be silent, and their hearts. The Clearing made me felt that I owned myself for the very first time and I was grateful for that opportunity.

  • Imana Holden

    These entries are in Denver’s perspective:

    2. I had the oddest thing happen today. Me, Paul D and ma’am were walkin’ home to 124 from the fair. And there was this woman that was standing outside our yard. She was dressed in all black with smooth, flawless skin. It scared ma’am half to death. We let her inside the house. She spoke with such a scratchy voice; my name is Beloved. B-E-L-O-V-E-D. I looked at this woman and her big sleepy eyes look into mine and it was like we made a connection. It was odd I tell you. Ma’am said she ought to stay with us. Paul D did not like it. He don’t like her. Like at dinner, he asked her where’d you come from? Where you’re people? You say you been walikn’ but why your shoes ain’t show it? I think that is odd to. Her shoes clean. Her dress clean. But she been walikin’? Hard to imagine. This woman is odd but I like her. Not many people come here anymore. She the only friend I got right now. And I like her.

    3. Beloved is my sister. I don’t know but something in me tellin’ me that she my sister. I’m not crazy. How else would she know about ma’am’s diamond earrings? I never seen my ma’am in diamond earrings before. I know that my sister was killed but I feel like God sent her to me because my dad is coming home. I want to see my dad. I need her to stay. I want to protect her from my ma’am while she is here. But she won’t let me. She told me one night that ma’am is all she need. I love Beloved ‘cause she my sister more than my ma’am could ever love her. Beloved don’t know better. She need to let me protect her from ma’am. Ma’am’s love is funny. Change like the season. What if she try to hurt Beloved again? I don’t want her to leave. I never ever want her to go. That why Beloved need me. I know better. I know ma’am. She don’t. She need me.

    4. I don’t know but I get this odd feeling with Beloved. When ma’am figured out that Beloved was her daughter, she was so happy. The whole house was happy at first. Then things became odd. I could see me disappearing from my ma’am. She don’t pay mind to me like she used to. And, I don’t know, but I see my ma’am gettin’ smaller. And Beloved is getting bigger. I feel like she is takin’ my ma’am’s love. I know that I need to protect my ma’am. I love Beloved but she is killin’ my ma’am. And I love my ma’am. I’ll ask around for people to pray for me. I even got to pray for me. Lord, please help me save my ma’am.

    • DaShon Green :)

      @Imana Wonderful entries, that really capture the essence of the character. :)

    • Kourtney Niles

      Omg Imana your diary depiction of Beloved was on point. I believe that if Denver were to write a diary, she would sound just like this. Great job :)

  • Shanice Lewis

    Dear Diary,
    I am a young quiet girl who is very shy. I sometimes keep to myself because I feel alone. I love to be in my Emerald closet it makes me feel safe and secure. It is a place only for me its like a secret “hideout”, where I can just get away from everything. I love to go there a lot maybe one day I will share it with my baby sister when shes old enough.

    2. Dear Diary,
    Now I have a story to tell. I am the youngest of four siblings. My mom was a runaway slave while she was pregnant with me and I dont know what happened to my dad. In the midst of running away my mom ran to the woods and was in labor with me. A lady name Amy Denver helped her deliver me and that is how I got my name. My mom had to go through alot to get where she is now. We are now back at the house that she lived in before she had me and nowour house is haunted because my little sister. This is just the beginning of my story.
    – Denver
    3. Dear Diary,
    I just want to be accepted and shown some attention. I mean I know my mother loves me to death but that ‘ol’ Paul D gets on my nerves sometimes. I guess in matter of a few months or so it wont really matter since Ill be leaving off for college on. I guess Ill find my own way there someday. I know Im going to miss my mom and sister though. You live and you learn.

  • Kacey McFly Jones

    ” A descriptive entry, using strong visual and sensory images to create a lasting impression on your reader. Anything can be vividly described – a room, a place, an object, a person, or an event which was significant to your character.”

    1.) Entry 1 –

    Been down here for a long,long,long time. No room to move,and it hurts. Can’t hardly breathe down here,no air in this small space. This small,small,small space. Its so small,its hot. very hot. I wonder if the other people down here is hot too? Its a lot of ‘em. I know some of them is dead. Alot of them is dead. I dont know they names, but i know that. I wonder if it hurts them too?

    “A narrative entry, detailing a short story of a significant event including setting, characters, time sequence, brief plot, and dialogue.”

    2.) Entry 2 -

    Finally. Its just me and her. Me and Sethe. Even though my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and im getting exhausted and tired ,we play all day long. From the morning when we go outside and pick flowers and sit in the cold, to the late late night when we sew and make pretty dresses that look like we going to the carnival. Sethe doesnt leave anymore. She doesnt go to work anymore. She just stays here with me all day long. She owes me. “You left me behind.”, I told her one day. “You werent nice to me. You didnt even smile at me. We were the same. We had the same
    face Sethe. You left me behind. How could you? ” , I said. She needed to understand,that she hurt me. She needed to understand,that she angered me. Thats why I broke plates and threw salt when she tried to not be nice to me again. She owes me.

    “A persuasive entry – this entry will reflect your character’s wishes for something (an action or person), and how they might write to obtain their wish. For example, what might Beloved write to Sethe to convince her that she should be punished for murder? What might Baby Suggs (or any number of people) say to Denver, to convince her to let go of the baby ghost?”

    3.) Entry 3 -

    She is the one. She is the one I need. You who said something to her that made her run out into the woods and talk to herself on a rock. You who kept her hidden at night behind doors.
    You who had hold of her now whispering behind the stairs after I had rescued her neck. You can go, but she is the one I have to have. I want you out of this house. i want you to leave us be. I want you to leave her to me,for myself. If I have to,ill move you on my own. As long as you go. I dont love nobody but her. I want you to touch me on my inside part and call me my name, so she can love nobody but me as well.

    • its asiaaaaa

      Nice entry for Beloved, Kacey. I feel like your entry came directly from the book. Your style and approach was very similar to Ms. Morrison’s :)

  • Melman Randolph

    Writin day
    Its been a lon tim since i dun seen my sethe. She still lookn as gud as she did back at Sweet Home. She been goin thru a lot since she dun los her kids. Dem boys got no reason to left wen dat baby girl died an Halle moma died.. Her last lil gir Denver still dere but she not likn me much. Sethe gun keep her straight and she gun like me later. I see my baby now. (Narrative Entry-”Seen”)

    Writin day
    Jus steppin in dat ol house gave me a bad feellin. I saw red, red all over. Sethe dead child in this house and she dnt like me i feell it. Girl gun get sumthin cus ima hit her. Hit her back away. (Reflective Entry-”Spectral”)

    Writin day
    Dam Stamp Paid. Jus learnin how to read an write and he wana show me sumtin. Showd me dat article bout wat he say look like Sethe. Baby Suggs was rich wen i heard last time she was livin. It talkin bout how whites an blacks dont like Sethe because of her her dead girl livin in the walls and her mom law. Sethe insane tryna to splain haself bout the article. Need her to see dat it aint no problem if she jus let it all go. Gotta let dese kids be fo ya and fight them from school teacher. (Persuasive Entry-”Seen”)

  • Shellby J.

    Dear 124,

    Beloved isn’t who I remember ha to be. She been throwin’ fits and breaking things. My ma’
    am been tryin’ to explain to her why she did what she did, but she gits nowhere wit ha. This girl eatin’ us outta house and home, and it’s beginning to show on my ma’am’s face and body. She blames herself when Beloved it unhappy. I know I need to find some work soon or my ma’am not gon’ make it. I think I’ll go Lady Jones tomorrow. Hope she helps me.


    Dear 124,

    Shwe was the mos beautiful thing I had ever seen. We came home from the fair and foun dher on that old rotten stump in the front yard. We brought her in and she drank cup after cup after cup of water. At first I was a bit nervous about going near her because when we asked what her name was she spelled BELOVED. I had never heard such a name and the voice that came along with it was crazy soundin’; like she had never used her voice before. But, there was somethin’ in her eyes that made me feel close to ha; like I had known her my whole life. Shecould barely hold her head up and her skin looked brand new. I now have someone to stop my loneliness.


    Dear 124,

    ” Denver, there’s someone I want ya to meet.” My ma’am called me down the white staircase that lead to the kitchen. It had been a aday like any other day….empty and hot. But today somebody come through here for the first time in a long time. Paul D was his name. It wasn’t long before the baby make herself known to him. The floorboards began to shake and jelly jars fell off the shelf and shattered. I was on all fours tryin’ to stay out of harma way when P aul D yelled, ” God Damn it! Hush Up!.” ” Leave the place alone!” Whatever he did must’ve worked cuz we aint had no signs of baby in a while.

  • Brii Tilley

    It ain’t easy being me. But ain’t nobody gone do it but me. They don’t understand and they neva will. It ain’t they job to. It’s mine. I done been through life and don’t nobody know the full troubles of my life but me. Writing is illegal but I got to find a place to put my rememorys. I can’t disremeber it so I might as well put em somewhere other than my troubled head. As soon as I ran from sweet home with my children I ain’t never took the chance to look back. Got too much to worry bout in this place I’m in now. My ma’am is hanged. My ma’am-in-law gave up on life 8 years back. My husband is no where to be seen. 3 of my 4 children is gone but I understand. 124 is spiteful but it’s my fault. I accept that. I ain’t shamed. All I gots left is my pride and my Denver and I plan to keep em both til I’m on my death bed. I been strong and that ain’t changing not no time soon.

    Paul D back! I ain’t never thought I’d see the day! He look so strong as I came running cross that itchy green field without my brown shoes or my stockings. He ain’t look at me no different than before. He make me feel so safe. He kiss my tree. He loved every branch and leaf like he planted them himself. He make the salt from my eyes run like the Mississippi. He make me feel loved. He say something to the effect of “the iron in your eyes.” I don’t pay him no mind even though I know it’s true. After he drove out the angry ghost of my baby, I couldn’t help myself. I gave myself to him. Only physically though. As much as I want him here in this house, I know he gone leave. They all do.

    She is mine. I am hers. She came back for me and once I realized it I give her everything. Anything I feel like she want candy ribbons clothes. I get em all. I ain’t mean for her to be spiteful to me when I did what I did. I just wanted to take her to a safe place. They couldn’t have her. She mine. They all mine her, Denver, Howard, Buglur. They mine. I got her to the safe place but I couldn’t make it with her. I love her still though. And she love me too cause she came back. She came back for me and now I is the best ma’am for her. She don’t hurt. She don’t cry. She don’t fuss cause she mine.


  • DaShon Green :)

    1. She’s here. My sister is here. I knew it was here from the start. I could feel her spirit. I could feel it like I always had. It kept me company, but now it was stronger than ever. It was Beloved. We talked about Ma’am all the time. She was always asking so many question, and now it’s clear. She wanted Ma’am. Ma’am was here ma’am. My ma’am was her ma’am. She was the ghost that haunted our house. But her presence brings me happiness. It’s my company. I only fear she may upset ma’am if she finds out who she is.

  • DaShon Green :)

    *This and all other post are diary entries for Denver.*
    2. I want him to go. Ever since Paul D had arrived things aren’t the same. He complains of the baby ghost, but I enjoy it. It is my company, and he can’t ruin that for me. Though at times this haunted house drives me insane, it is home. With Paul D here, I’m not so sure what it is anymore. I just dislike him oh so much, but I’m not sure why? One thing I’m sure of is he must go.

  • DaShon Green :)

    3.We were coming from the carnival when we saw her. She was lying up against that stump. She was beautiful though she breathed very strangely. We asked her were she had come from while helping her up. She could barley walk. It was as if she were a baby. She say her name is Beloved. We’ve been doing everything together since she arrived. Beloved’s my new company.

  • Selene Gutierrez

    1. Dear Paul,
    That night in the shed when Beloved came from behind me telling me that I had to touch her on the inside and call out her name just tormented me and made me less of a man. She told me that if I said her name she would leave me be, so I did I called out her name “Beloved” but she only came closer to me and told me once again I had to feel her on the inside, so I did and instead of calling out her name I called out “Red Heart” allowing me to open my emotions once again.

    2.Dear Paul,
    Today while coming into Sethe’s house I paused because of a red eerie light that was in the doorway. Sethe told me it was OK to just pass through, but as I did I felt a deep sorrow take over me. I knew there was something in this place. Once in the house Sethe introduced me to her child Denver, cheerful and intelligent girl. Sethe offered me dinner and so we went to the kitchen then Denver told me I should stay the night so her mother and I could remember Sweet Home all night. Sethe took her to the other room to discipline her and when she returned we talked of Sweet Home. She told me of what Schoolteacher and his Nephews did to her and told me of the Chokecherry tree scar on her back, I went up behind her and slid her dress down and held her breasts in my hands and kissed each one of the scars on her back. There the spirit grew angry and started to shake the house so I challenged it and it threw a table at me which I caught and broke telling it “you want to fight come on then!” and just as it began the spirit left. After this altercate me and Sethe went up stairs and continued what we had started.

    4. Dear Paul,
    After finally being with Sethe now I don’t know if it was all worth it back at Sweet Home all the sexual frustration and waiting for her to pick us. Now as I lay here next to her I notice that she isn’t all we used to imagine her as, in fact she is far from what we used to depict her as. This makes me wonder if I have done the right thing to just come into her life and start up such old feelings that are over eighteen years old and move on from that. I need to be careful with what I do from here on out because from my arrive I have done nothing but get myself into a deep world of trouble.

    • Brii Tilley

      Yours confused me at first because I thought you were writing to Paul D instead of being Paul D. But I really enjoyed reading your entries. You really connected with Paul D very well .

  • Janeese Hoagland

    1) Dear Journal,
    Thumps and groans I hear as I and trapped in this dark place. The voice of my ma’am makes me move and shift from side to side. We been traveling a mighty long way, through these quite surroundings of nature and the dirt below our feet. My ma’am starts to cry and then comes to a stuttering halt. Motionless, breathless. I feel the nervousness in her corps as she begans to move again, but this time I hear another voice. Pleasant and filled with determination, this voice sounds and as I hear this, I feel like the walls around me are closing in. I feel trapped!! Let me out!! Pushing my way around to find an exit from this dark space, only way is down. I feel my ma’am push and push and I hear this determined voice again. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I quickly reach for it. Just as determined as the voice, I go towards that light. Breaking out of this ceil into a rush of rust colored, fish filled river. I emerge into this world. Hands touch me, as I am cleaned by the water and wrapped in clothing. Warm hands as pail as white walls surrounds my body. I see this determined face and hear her voice. She hands me over to the hands of love and care; warmer than the hands before but gentler. Her voice makes my heart happy and it sings. The name I am given, Denver, after the hands of helpfulness and determination.

    3) Dear Journal,
    I explain to everyone that baby ghost is important to me and I love her. If I had the chance to grow with her and be that good sista to her, then I wouldn’t be lonely most of the times. See me and baby ghost has this connection that no one understands. Baby Suggs and everyone else tells me to let go of her but I can’t. She is my company, my friend, my sista. I wish that she could stay here on earth, but the lord has to do what he gots to do. But on the other hand, I still wonder why she returned. I hope she don’t go after ma’am for doin’ what she did. Maybe it would be best if she leave, but then who will be my company?

    4) Dear Journal,
    Being around these parts for almost 18 years, I ain’t neva seen such strange things. Seeing baby ghost being reborn in to a young woman like myself is kinda odd but I enjoy her company. Baby ghost is so affectionate and needs a whole lot of love and care. Before she came, I felt like I was an outcast at times. It’s funny how I know her as Beloved, but I’m afraid that Ma’am would find out. But with all the odds, it makes me feel like I’m not alone in dis world. This is out of the ordinary because as soon as Beloved got here, it’s been a change in the atmosphere and people are actin’ strange. Ma’am invited a man named Paul D into our house, a man from Sweet Home, and I don’t agree with it. I’m use to it being me and my ma’am and that’s all. No one else to make us happy cause we happy together. Funny thing about it is, me and baby ghost has an undastanding about Paul D and we both aren’t very friendly to him; I think it’s quite nice. As I sit here and write, I think back in my rememory about how Ma’am killed baby ghost, it’s an aweful thing I tell ya. It makes me think twice about life and how it is now and days and how you can’t love to hard in this life. Holding on to the thangs that are the dearest, will get you killed sometimes. Well as long as I got my company and the love of my ma’am, I am alright with the world. I’ll go off later on in life with some good lessons from my Baby Suggs and my ma’am.

  • Nairobi Armstrong

    1) I remember that day that man came over. Mama said his name was Paul D. I was polite like mama taught me to be to grownups. He smiled at me. He was nice. Then a few mintues later I hear yelling and glass breaking. I burst into tears. I run down to find him making the whole house wreck. He was trying to hurt my baby sister. I don’t know why. She has never hurt anybody. She just peacefully roams around the house. I was so mad at him for chasing her away. But mama seemed to like something about him. He started to live with us.
    3) Beloved has been here for a while. But I know she didn’t come back for me. She even told me herself that she didn’t. I don’t even think she loves me. When mamas at work all we do are play and enjoy each other. But when mama gets home, it seems like I don’t even exist. I wish she loved me like that. All she wants to do it sit around mama and listen to her tell her stories. I’m not complaining though, as long as she doesn’t ever leave me. She’s all I want and all I ever need. I believe in my heart that she’s mine.
    4) Mama told me about how I was born again today. I never knew that white people could be so nice. Mama told me she was running away from Sweet Home. Her feet were swollen. Almost to the flesh she said. But Amy was nice enough to help this “nigger woman”. She was running away too. Who knew that white people run away too? She had me in a boat, which is kind of odd. But hey I’m here and that’s all that matters. I love hearing the story about how I was born. That’s where I got my name from, Amy, Amy Denver was here name. Amy Denver of Boston.

    • Michael Bolden

      @nairobi I love your #3 its shows exactly how denver feels toward beloved, she gets attention but when her moms around she ceases to exist.

    • Amanda Johnson (mandi)

      Excellent job on #3 Narobi. You have clearly stated the undeclared rivalry between Denver and Sethe for Beloved’s attention. Denver knows that Beloved loves Sethe more than. However, Denver is still going try to get as much love from Beloved as Beloved is giving to Sethe.

  • youngallyssia

    She Stood Up For What Is Right. Please Read!
    December 2nd, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized ·Edit

    This is for The Lovely Mrs. Silveri, and her AP students, and even her other classes. Mrs. Silveri is dear to all of us and we are beyond thankful for her presence in our lives. Her class (3rd period) that I am in means so much to me. She has changed my world and my way of thinking in so many ways that I can only explain through speech. That’s right Mrs. Silveri actually communicates with us during class and the way she teaches, and the things she presents to us, her rhetoric babies, has changed us in moving ways that cannot be ignored. Mrs. Silveri has recently stood up for what she believes to be right, and I nor any of her students that knows of what happened doubts her decision at all. In fact we support her because she did it for us. Mrs. Silveri we love and care for you and we are so very thankful for everything you have done. Now, to all of Mrs. Silveri students, and even people who visit this site and believe in us, I ask that you read this and later repost it with your signature at the bottom to support Mrs. Silveri. Thank you!

    -Allyssia Young
    Mrs. Silveri 3rd per.

  • Lisette Alvarado

    1. I know he felt every branch to my chokecherry tree. He felt the dead skin that creeps along my back. Did he feel the no life in those branches? Life was not going to grow in them. Leaves would never flourish from them , flowers would never blossom. My branches would never feel spring , summer, fall, but just winter , because the heart of the one who whipped me was cold and hard. Lifeless is a much better word. I see winter as lifeless , nothing ever grows. Just like my chokecherry tree , did he feel my branches?

    3. I know it’s her choice , but she has to be mine. These calves do not do much for me anymore. I think about all I could do for her but yet that is still not enough because not much I can do for when they hurt her. Special I would show her she is for I have been waiting patiently for the right moment , the right words to say to her. Again I am reminded that it is her decision. I am no longer convinced she will be mine. Swaying in the corn field gave it all away. She had made her decision and it was not me. She had made her decision.

    • its asiaaaaa

      Lissy, I loved your journal entry for Sethe. I could picture everything you were saying and your comparison of winter to the school teacher and her “chokecherry tree” was brilliant! Good job :)

  • FOLLOW ME lexxi_ivoree (Alexandra Johnson)

    1. As I was walken in the woods 6 months pregnant, my feet were swollen. I finally fell to the ground like corn falling from a stalk. Once I fell to the ground I couldent get back up. I tried and tried again but it wasent going to happen. As I was lying on some hay my mind start wondering. Am I going to die or is somebody going to find me.
    3. Dear Sethe,

    Why would you take that girl in your house. You know she is no good. That girl is from Hell. The demon is inside that girl body. Beloved brings a bad vibe into my heart. This is not a sweet home since Beloved came into the picture. All she is but trouble.
    4. The event that happened to Denver was she was happy that Beloved came back. She was the boring ungrateful child. Finally she changed into this happy and always want to play child. Later on Denver relized what it was wrong for her to bring Beloved back because Beloved is making Sethe sick.

  • Charise K. Clay

    Sethe’s Diary:

    1.He walked up on the yard, and I smiled as soon as I realized who he was. It was Paul D. I walked him into the house hoping that he didn’t notice the ghost, but he did. He even felt the scars on my back. My tree of life. He held me close touching my breast. He made me feel like a woman again last night, but of course he asked what had happened to me and we were forced to remember Sweet Home.

    2.I was running. I ran till my feet were swollen and bleeding. I was tired and pregnant and dying to get to Baby Suggs house. I fell out and laid there. That’s when she found me. A little white gal found me and took care of me. She helped me when I gave birth to Denver. She was there through it all. She even massaged my feet and cleaned Denver and wrapped her up. I eventually made it to Baby Suggs. I made it to my babies, and she gave me some beautiful diamond earrings. What a wild adventure.

    3.We came back from the fair and there she was. A stranger laying against the stoop. We asked her what her name was. She say Beloved. She said it in a real raspy voice. That was the beginning. Later I found out she was Beloved by instinct. I wanted to express to her that what i had to do to her was for a reason. It was to protect her and us all from the slavery. i wish she understood and could understand.

    • Alexandria Thomas-Smith

      This is good Charise, I could tell who you were talking about without even reading the name. The first response was very desriptive,it definitely sounded like something from a book. My favorite part of your writting and the book was about what you wrote about in #3

  • its asiaaaaa


    Who gave HIM the right? He thinks he can just come in her and take away everything that I got? My sister and my Ma’am? Who gave HIM the right? Didn’t nobody ask him to come here, anyway. We was all just fine before he came in here wrecking and destroying trying to sweet talk my Ma’am with that hazelnut skin, and that face so ready to smile, or blaze, or be sorry with you. As though all you had to do was get his attention and right away he produced the feeling you were feeling. How come everybody run off from Sweet Home can’t stop talking about it? Look like if it was so sweet you would have stayed.

    Amy Denver:

    I just seen the darndest thing out there by the road. Was the scariest thing I done seen since I left there. A niggerwoman, pregnant, looked like she was about dead when I found her. She’s telling me I got no business out here, but they catch her they’ll chop her head off, surely. I rub her feet and nurse that chokecherry tree she got on her back because I’m good at sick things. I never thought I’d see the day I did something like that for a niggerwoman, but you know, it felt good to me to help her. Ain’t never did nothing to me, or nobody else for that matter. I don’t know why they treat them so bad, really. Now that I think about it, we the same, despite her ugly, black skin. We both people, right? I wonder will I see another one that needs me before I get to my velvet. I hope not, I got to get to my velvet soon. I wonder if she gone tell that little baby who saved her life..?

    Paul D:

    Now I’m just laying here, looking at it. Looking at her, Sethe, the woman that I longed for every moment I didn’t have her and now I’m just laying here, looking at it. All them years I waited for this moment and now I’m feeling like I could’ve lived without it. That “tree” wasn’t a tree at all, just a lump of scars. 25 years and blip! Nothing. Went too fast, anyway. I wanna try again, but I just don’t have the hunger for it anymore.

  • Michael Bolden

    Paul D’s diary

    1. Isa ben walkin on dis long road fo a few weeks na.My feets steady hurtin, Dis road havent had no mercy on em, but lord I cant complain anythin’s betta den dat god forsaken sweet home. Isa on ma way ta 124 hopin Sethe a welcome me wit open arms. I wonda haw she doin its ben a coupla moons since Isa seen ha. Well im jus under dis tree here I feel at peace but Ima keep on dis road before da white men spot me writin.

    Denver’s diary

    2. Dear lord, Im in tha back unda the trees it seems as if dis da only place of peace from da hell inside dat home. I thank ya for these trees Isa dont know where I’d be without em. I wish i had sumbodi to talk to from time ta time but i feel as if dese are da times i can use to get closa to you. My Ma done took ma only sista from me, na some good fa nothin bum named Paul d. done came out da blue, came n got rid of ma sista ghos’ an took my ma from me. Fatha god i hope you cud send ma sista bak in anotha form to help me in dese hard times. If not im still thankful’ for all dat youve done fa us.

    Buglar & Howard

    4. Times done got hard out here fa me and howard but we coudnt take no mo of dat god forsaken house. Anotha day wit dat ghos woudve drove us crazy. We’sa jus far as we cud get from 124 unda da trees prayin we find a betta place one things fa sure is we aint stoppin. I wish denver cud have came wit us but i believe we have our purpose in dis twisted worl’. As crazy as Ma is n denver bein as stong as she is hopefully she can keep ha sain. Itsa kinda hard writin wit Howard snorin da bark off da trees but we take turns keepin watch of eachotha at nite hopin da white men dont take us from our place of peace. Isa dont know where we gon’ go from her’ but we gon’ make sumn’ of ourselves i promis ya dat.

  • Michael Bolden

    @asia I like how you switched it up I didn’t see anybody use Amy Denver but she really had a big impact to the story because she nurtured Sethe back to health and gave Denver her name.

  • Alexandria Thomas-Smith

    Denver’s Diaries

    1. Looking around I began to feel empty, neglected and heartbroken. In this loveless home I crave for the attention I believe other girls like me should have. Day to day to question why did my brothers leave , and why did Baby Suggs have to go ? But then it all comes back to me being alone. Feeling lonesome and neglected sometimes I want to cry sometimes I wonder if my mother will ever notice me for me. Why can Beloved and Paul have her love when I’ve been here all along fighting for it. I don’t deserve to be alone, I just want to be loved.
    2. Today Beloved and I went to go fetch some cider from the cold house. As we entered the darkness began to close in on us. Soon I could not or even make out Beloved. I called out to Beloved and she replied come find me. I began to become scared thinking that I may have lost her, but as soon as I began to panic Beloved returned. When I described to her how I felt she responded that she didn’t want that place again which left me more confused. Today was a crazy day for me, at least she’s steal here for me.
    3. I pray every day that I will get the attention I deserve, that my heart will no longer be a prisoner to my life. I have been here I deserve to be loved, I haven’t ran off, I stayed here when everyone else leaves you I’m still here loving you. I am your daughter so why do you look past me. Situation after situation I try to grow a stronger bond with you, but the closer I want to get to you the next person does. In the end you will need me so why not always love me. Not just when I’m all you have but also when I’m included in everything you have.

  • Cierra "Chanel" Green

    1.) Dear Diary
    I was killed as baby. I never really knew my mother, sister, or brothers. I barely tasted my mothers milk. All I want is my mothers love. Why did I have die? Why would she kill me? Why won’t she love me the way she should? I love you and I need your love. I remeber trhose pearls momma and the song you use to sang to me. Don’t you?

    3.) Dear Sethe,
    All I wanted was your love and why couldn’t you just give me that. I didn’t do anything to you so why did you get rid of me. I thought that you would love me because I was your daughter.You think that cherry tree on your back is a punishment but that was just a taste of what you really derserve. A ll I want is the love I never received. Is taht too much to ask. You gave it to Denver, Paul D and the school teacher but not me. You derserve to suffer.

    2.) I remeber when I arrived at your door. I was a woman now, soaking wet with curly hair. I was hiumming the song that you use to sang to me as a baby while my brethe smelled like the milk I once tasted as a baby. Finding you was the best thing taht ever happened to me. I remeber you looking at me as if you knew me, you knew me but you don’t know me. All I need know from you is all of your love moma.

  • Love'Moira

    (Sethe’s Diary)

    Today I finally have a visitor! Someone came into my home. I have spent long lonely years without a presence of a man in 124. And there he was. It seems as if God has lead him to me. As Paul D walked in, I sense his hesitance to enter. I think Beloved was trying to frighten him, but I got him to come inside. We exchanged words and spoke of God Ol’ Sweet home. Paul D brought back many memories of that place that brought me some comfort. I even thought about the bad ones like how I have gotten beaten until the formation of the tree on my back and the death of my dear baby Beloved, Such a beautiful angel. Overall, Paul D’s visitation was well needed and I want him to stay for a while.

    I have never been so shocked in my life. My Beloved has chocked me today than kissed me on my neck afterwards. How confusing? I wish my baby would just forgive me and understand my intentions for her not being here. She is in a better place. I believe she is confused of what kind of relationship Paul D and me have. What she does not understand is my love for her is a different kind of love than the kind that a women has with a man. I hope that Beloved forgives me for my actions and know that I love her ever so dearly. I will never forget you my lovely child.

    The death of my Beloved has brought many great and not so great things to my life. Although my house is haunted by her ghost drawing many away, her presence has brought me a sense of comfort knowing that she is still around. I love my house, this is where I found my freedom and this is where my family made: Paul D, Denver, and my precious Beloved and I. Welcome to my home, 124!

  • Jewel Washington

    Paul D
    1. When we all ran, in the back of my mind I wondered about challenge after challenge. I knew that only so much could be hidden in the field of corn. This moment was a tempting, tempestuous, moment, with freedom hanging in the balance. It’s a funny thing, the way that the night sky was the only thing that could hide the color of my skin. I knew that my chances of seeing her were slim to none, also with her being pregnant made my mind wonder. A decision had to be made, quickly.

    4. Back in Georgia, on that chain gang, bettered me. You learns a lot, some good some bad. Dirt seemed to be better than just being known as a nigga with no identity. Sweet, precious, life, nothing to take lightly.

    2. She and Denver on my mind. That baby ghost gots to go. Make a girl go crazy, mournin’ over that baby. It dead now, nothing that you could do about it. I loves her, only if she’d listen I would tell her I love her.

  • Kahlil "Malique" Barrett

    1.)I’s Beloved. I only want her and huh only. No one else matters. She is mine. I see huh face and and try to reach huh. I couldn’t reach huh cuz I was small. It so dark where I was and I won’t go back there. He try to take huh from me. I won’t let that happen! She is mine!!

    2.)Dear Diary,
    I wants him to touch me on the inside and call my name. She call his name when he touch huh that way. If he call my name, I stay here. I won’t go back to that place. I am huh and she is me. He call my name. I got a nice body. He won’t got a choice in the mattuh.

    3.) Denvuh my sistuh. I never knowed huh. I was killed fo I could really know huh. I ask huh to cry with me. I don’t wanna fall apart. I lose a tooth and now he be pushing me out. Denvuh please help me!!

    4.) I wish I was like them. I want to feel. Inever asked to be killed! I never had a chance to even live my life! now I only have huh! This place weel pweety. I got space here. I’s not small here. It’s all huh fault and I won’t nevuh fogive huh!!

  • raheemmack

    1. Sethe—I can’t believe what just happened to me. My milk no, my baby’s milk. Stolen from me by those men. The look in their eyes, filled with coldness. Their faces beaming with unwavering content. Their hands and mouths moving wildly to and from my breasts. And the sight that was the most unbearable was the calm, unfeeling face of the schoolteacher as he watched and wrote into his book. WHY?! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! I need to tell someone but who?
    3. Sethe— Beloved. I’m sorry my baby girl. I loved you and I still do. You know that right? I only did what I did what I did to protect you. Do you know how much I’ve suffered? I didn’t want you to go through all that. Well I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it up to you.
    4. Sethe—I’ll never forget that day. The day I ran from Sweet Home after getting beat. I ran and ran which is all I could do. I didn’t know if I was being followed. After running nonstop, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was tired, hungry, and my feet were in so much pain. I had finally given up when I crossed paths with that white girl, Amy Denver. I feel like that was God’s way of proving the not all white people are bad.

  • Vicorie Brown

    ~Paul D~

    1. I walked into the house. Things didn’t feel right. It felt like the world had changed. That’s when it happened. The ground started shaking, and we ran for cover. Things were red, red like the devil. The devil was in that house. I wanted to leave. I wanted to go, but I had to stay for them. I had purpose there now. Little ole me after all this time had purpose.

    2.She showed me the scars. The ones on her back. Looked something like a tree if you ask me. She say she got them at Sweet Home. We talked about that crazy place and the pain it caused us. I hate thinking about it. After she showed me her scars, I felt her breast. Something was wrong with them. I asked and she said that they stole her milk. They drank her milk. Sethe has been through so much, and I want to make things right.

    3.I walked that long road until its end. I walked up into the yard and there she was. She was surprised to see me. She invited me inside with a smile on her face. She was happy to see me like I was happy to see her, but i can tell she wanted to know where her husband was and where he had been. I couldn’t tell her then. I knew I had to come see about her, and staying there for a little while would do the trick.

  • Valencia Brown

    3. Dear Diary I want this man out of the house the spirt is gone. But he is here telling my mother things and making her smile. Where is my father he must have known him they were at the same place. I feel a certin way about him what or who is he.
    1. I sit in the house in my room and think of Grandma baby why did she have to leave us. I miss her so much I remember her laying on her bed thinking of color. What was it with the color that she wanted. Mama needs me and I need her but Beloved wan’s her to herself. What should I do Grandma baby should I send her away? I dont know anymore help me.
    4. Beloved has changed something in me to let me go out into the world. I feel happy that im here experienceing the things that I should have experienced long ago. But sad because Mama is hurt and she has nobody anymore cause im not around as much. Maybe Paul D can be with her and make her happy. I see him maybe I should tell Him to go see Mama.

  • LaDarius Fletcher

    1) My name is Denver and Im trapped in my house which I think is haunted. I feel like life is moving on without me since I dont have a chance to live it outside of my house. I know that my mom has had a childhood that I cant even imagine and she’s so fearful that I will go through the samething she went through. I love my mom and I know she loves me but I need to explore life for my own so I can learn things for myself. The only friends I have are the ghosts that haunt my house and my mother. I really just want to have the experience of having a friend.

    2) Dear Journal,
    I am the youngest of four siblings. My mom was a runaway slave while she was pregnant with me and I dont know what happened to my dad. In the midst of running away my mom ran to the woods and was in labor with me. A lady name Amy Denver helped her deliver me and that is how I got my name. My mom had to go through alot to get where she is now. We are now back at the house that she lived in before she had me and nowour house is haunted because my little sister.
    – Denver

    3) Dear Journal,
    I just want to be accepted and shown some attention. I mean I know my mother loves me to death and we both now have Paul D in our life but I cant stand him. I guess in matter of a few months or so it wont really matter since Ill be leaving off for college. I know Im going to miss my mom and sister but I really need to experience life for myself.

  • Amanda Johnson (mandi)

    Dear Soul,
    You know how you’re the only one I can trust. I feel that Denver is starting to warm up to Paul D a bit. She actually managed a smile today when Paul D took us to the Negro carnival. It was her first time in a public setting in a long time. Paul D took us there to get Denver to warm up to him. His plan seemed to work. And I know it sounds silly but I feel that this is meant to be. On the walk to the fair and on the walk home I swear I saw our shadows holding hands. And at first I thought I was just thinking it but then I saw it a second time and I knew I wasn’t delusional.
    Thank You for Listening,
    Sethe Garner
    Dear Soul,
    You know how you’re the only one I can trust. I’ve had that same cursed nightmare again. The one when my children, Baby Suggs, and I were in that shed. The white men were close. I could hear them. I could imagine what they looked like. Tall and rugged, on horses, wearing dirty clothes; probably because the Negroes they were hunting weren’t worth the trouble of getting their nice clothes messed up. I was frightened…I, I wasn’t thinking. I just kept seeing what my children would be like if we were captured. If we got caught, me and Baby Suggs would be hung for sure. Then my beautiful children would be sent to Sweet Home or worse. I couldn’t let that happen. I grab my oldest then slit her throat. Then… I wake up screaming. Too much for one night.

    Thank You for Listening,
    Sethe Garner
    Dear Soul,
    You know how you’re the only one I can trust. Beloved’s gone. She disappeared the other day. It was so strange one minute she’s on the porch and I’m charging towards this white man in my yard. I didn’t know who he was and quite frankly, I didn’t care. Next thing I know, she was gone. I’ve been moping around ever since, trying to understand why she left. Denver and Paul been telling me it would just be better if I would just forget about her. If I have to forget about her, no one must ever, EVER speak of her or her life.
    Thank You for Everything,
    Sethe Garner.

  • Keya Denson

    1.) I am Paul D. Can’t no words explain the anger that came out of me when I saw sethe again. The disappointment, the rage, everything just hurt my heart. The baby was all grown up and all. I felt small, real small. Something like a kettle.

    3.) Just cut it out! You see all of the pain you’re going through? It would make sense for you to just leave her alone. It’s nothing but the devil and all of his workers keeping you to be a better you. What happened is what happened, but you can’t let that bring you down.

    4.) It’s ok. I’ve been down that road before But listen, you cant let it get the best of you. Be strong, God has it. Don’t go down the wrong path! It’ll be ok

  • Ladii Tink

    Dear Sethe,

    I have longed for you since we were back at Sweet Home. I have always felt that you were very special to me. Deep down I know that we yern for each others touch. Just to think about your beautiful soft, smooth hands carresing my back makes a smile come on my face. And me planting rose pedal kisses all over your back . What a pleasant sight I’ve imagined. The reality of it all is that nothing turned out to be exactly like I imagined it would be. Your skin is as soft as cotton, but your back feels like a weeping willow tree all dried out. I hate the fact that I was not able to stop those men from harming you but I am glad that you became a stronger, wiser woman from the time spent at Sweet Home.
    Dear Sethe,
    You cant change what happened in the past. I told you to leave that girl alone. I knew from the start that she was no good. A young girl with fresh skin as if she shed like a snake, an expensive black dress that showed death at every angle, and a voice that sounded like a demon from hell. You look at me and see innocence, struggles, and strived to make a difference, but then you wave me off and focus on her… that thing… you call human. Beloved. Why Beloved? Why does it seem you can trust her and care for her at every turn and whine she makes? Leave her be. Kick her out. I am telling you now Sethe… if you do not let her go… she will haunt you… mistreat you… or maybe end up killing you. I told you last night that Beloved picked up the chair with her two unwrinkled hands, but you ignore me and look at Denver. Denver is a sweet girl, but she is protecting Beloved and letting you drown in her lies. Now look at you…you’re on a death bed that you put yourself on from the pain and the constant rambling of your dead child. I left you, came back, and took you for your innocent murder, your loneliness, shame, guilt, and consistent love, but now you must take me in, so I can nurse you back to health. Let Beloved go, and let yourself be loved without her.
    Dear Sethe,

    Today I had an amazing time with you and Denver. I just wish I could get through to her to see what is going on inside her mind. I understand that you guys have been through a lot but some things you need to let go of. I wish you guys saw things the way that I do so that you would understand where I’m coming from. I am here to comfort you all as much as possible. I want you guys to enjoy life the way it is now and stop trying to reminisce on the past its time to look forward with life and except your mistakes.

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